The Spirit Guide

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Spirit Guide Reading (1).png

The Spirit Guide

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Find out who your spirit guide/s are and what they want to tell you.

Ever wondered who your spirit guides are

During this Clairvoyant Tarot Reading I tune into the energy of your spirit guides and have a chat for you with your guide or guides who can most help you at this time.

We ask who they are, why they are with you, how you can best connect with them and also ask for any messages they have for you.

If you already connect with your spirit guides but would like a deeper connection or to meet some more of your team this reading could be for you too!

This Reading is available via email only (Minimum of 800 words) and will come to you as a PDF report including images of the cards pulled for you.

Delivery of your reading can take up to three weeks. 

For more info about what you can expect from a reading + to read my disclaimer please visit: