The Spirit Animal


The Spirit Animal


Find out who your animal spirit guide/s are and what they want to tell you...

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Ever wondered who your spirit animals are?

If you've been wondering which animals are wanting your attention, which ones to call your spirit animals and wondering what they can teach you and how they can work with you, this is your reading.

This reading focuses on connecting you with four spirit animals for the following four areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These animals will show you what you need to focus on in each of these areas and give you some guidance and support in helping you do this.

This Reading is available via email only (Minimum of 800 words) and will come to you as a PDF report including images of the cards pulled for you.

Readings take between one to three weeks to reach you depending on how busy I am. I will email within 24 business hours to ask you about your reading and let you know when you can expect it. I will not pop you in the cue until I hear back from you so keep your eye on your inbox. x

*** I am not in the business of telling fortunes, but rather empowering you to create your own future ***

For more info about how I read the Tarot head to: Readings.

With love and light,