Past Life Reading

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Past Life Reading

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Wanna know who you were in a past life?

This reading focuses on helping you to navigate through your current life by understanding who you were in a past life.

If you're not sure if you believe in past lives, you can look at this reading as a useful metaphor to help you in the now.

We usually focus on one life in detail, but sometimes more than one can come through. For best results, I just go with what comes through! 

If you have specific blocks or challenges you're struggling to break through or repetitive patterns coming up for you past life work can be especially helpful.

This Reading is available via email only (Minimum of 1600 words) and will come to you as a PDF report including images of the cards pulled for you.

Delivery of your reading can take up to three weeks. 

For more info about what you can expect from a reading + to read my disclaimer please visit: