Developing Clairvoyance | Meditation, Workbook + Video Lesson


Developing Clairvoyance | Meditation, Workbook + Video Lesson

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The Journey to Atlantis Kit includes:

  • A PDF Workbook

  • A downloadable MP3 Meditative Journey

  • A video lesson

Through this kit you will:

  • Identify and work through any fears you may have of opening up and owning your clairvoyant abilities

  • Set safe boundaries so that you only "see" what you want/need to see

  • Discover safe and powerful ways to open up to clear seeing

  • Learn about ethics when it comes to seeing on behalf of others and sharing what comes through for you

  • Hear my story about how I developed my clairvoyance in later life

  • Experience a Third Eye Clearing + Activation meditative journey to clear out and work through any blocks and fears about fully opening up as well as activating and opening up your clairvoyant abilities

  • Work through a new tarot spread + journal prompts to dive even deeper into your connection with clairvoyance, clear, heal and activate your connection