Biz Soul Session

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Biz Soul Session


Sessions now available to book for August. x

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In a Biz Soul Session we will work together via a one hour call on Zoom.

These sessions can end up going in many different directions as they will be whatever you need on the day.

Some things that we can do in these sessions are:

  • Look at the current energy of your biz and yourself
  • Identify blocks and challenges from a higher perspective e.g. from a soul level, relating to your past lives, life purpose, etc.
  • Energy clearing and healing on your biz
  • Look at your work as it relates to your best and highest path and help you move forward on that path
  • Practical advice on running a business including content creation, offerings, marketing, social media etc.
  • Money mindset work
  • Space held for you to vent and talk through anything business related
  • Often we end up talking about non-related things coming up in your life as these can have a big impact on your work!
  • Anything else your guides and angels want you to know about running your business!

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