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Biz Reading

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In a Biz Reading I do the work for you via email, video or MP3.

This is just as effective as working one to one via Zoom, in fact, sometimes it can go even deeper due to being able to channel the information for you directly.

Some things we can do in this reading:

  • Look at what’s going on with your own energy and the energy of your business

  • Identify any blocks and challenges and look at ways to move through them

  • Look at your life purpose and how this relates to your business

  • Work with and clear any limiting beliefs, money blocks, worthiness issues etc., that may be holding you back

  • Look at your business from a higher soul perspective

  • Receive messages from the guides and angels who work with you in your business

  • Look at past lives, pop into the Akashic Records, look at your soul origin or anything else that may be beneficial to you in your business

  • Identify the next steps

  • Offer practical business advice

The regular reading is via email only and will be a minimum of 800 words. The full reading will be minimum 1600 words and the mega reading is a minimum of 2400 words.

Full readings via video and MP3 are 40 minutes long, mega readings are one hour long.

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