Angel Spreads for New Age Hipsters E-book


Angel Spreads for New Age Hipsters E-book

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An e-book full of Angel themed spreads + access to online card reading community. x

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Connect deeper with your own Angels, Guardian Angels and a bunch of Archangels with the Angel Spreads for New Age Hipsters e-book! A massive 31 pages long it's zero faff and includes 15 Angel Spreads for y'all to get stuck into so you can get the guidance you need, when you need it!

With spreads for deep healing and clearing, manifesting, moon cycles, creativity, self love and a whole bunch more this e-book will totally have you sorted, and keep you super busy on those Sunday afternoons when you just want to sit down with a pot of tea, your cat and your cards. 

You can use any kinds of cards with these spreads - Angel Oracles, Tarot, Angel Tarot, other Oracles, regular ole' playing cards and whatever else you have lying around! 

By purchasing this e-book you also get free membership to a Secret Club over on Facebook where I'll be sharing even more tips and tricks, videos to help you use the spreads in the book and generally be about answering your card reading questions! OMG! 

To see if this is your vibe - two of the spreads in this book have been featured on the blog.

You will receive a download link and an invite to the secret club within about 24 hours!