Are you ready to light up the world with your work?

If you are looking for guidance in your business and you work from the heart then I would not hesitate recommending Vix as a business support and mentor.

- Paula Lawson, Be Happy Be Bright Be You

Fully Lit Mastermind

The Fully Lit Mastermind is a monthly membership program for conscious spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives to find clarity, support and connection.

Running a spiritual business is not all unicorns and rainbows.

Stepping into your light and owning your power as a spiritual creator, healer, reader, coach, teacher or whatever other magic you do, can be hard work. In fact, following your spiritual calling can be one of the toughest paths you ever take.

Of course, if we stay the path, listen to our guidance and work on our “stuff” when it comes up, we can end up on one of the most incredible journeys ever!

But it can get lonely when you’re working your butt off for spirit. There are times when you want to give up, there are times when you need a nudge to create that thing that’s been on your heart for so long, there are times when you want to share your successes with someone who gets it.

The Fully Lit Mastermind is a mastermind with a difference.

Here the focus is on you, your own journey, your own way of doing things, your own connection to your guides, angels and higher self and the connection between your work and your soul purpose and path.

The Fully Lit Mastermind is all about supporting you in both the practical and spiritual stuff to help support you in being a fully lit up leader in this world.

The old ways of doing things no longer work.

The Fully Lit Mastermind is all about cutting through the old paradigm BS and finding a new heart and soul centred way to be creators and leaders in the world, and doing our part to shift this planet into higher levels of consciousness .

The fully lit mastermind may be for you if:

  • You resonate as a Lightworker, Starseed, Priestess, Healer, Magdalene or you don’t dig labels, but just have a desire to help change the world for the better

  • You run, or have the call to run your business from a high vibe and fully conscious and loving place

  • You consider your business as part of your life purpose work

  • You want to manifest not just cash money or “success”, but what is in alignment for your best and highest good and the best and highest of those you work with

  • You want to be more abundant in all areas of your life so you can do the work you came here to do

  • You have a desire to serve others and help shift this planet into a higher level of consciousness

  • You want a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energies in your business

  • You want advice and support on practical things like pricing, social media, getting clients, difficult situations, creating content, etc., but you also want to talk about ritual, manifesting, abundance blocks, past life work and all the spiritual lessons that can come up when we run our own businesses

  • You want a high vibrational business coven where you can share your struggles and challenges, your successes and wins and lend support to others on the journey too!

What you receive as a member:

Worksheets full of prompts to use each month to help you reflect on the previous month and set intentions and soulful goals for the month ahead as well as a tarot/oracle spread to help you check in with the energy of your business (I use this spread every Monday for myself!)

Two new downloadable audios each month - one full of my ramblings on a biz topic and the other will be an interview with a successful biz owner who’s rocking their business

Two live one hour calls - a live group meditation and manifestation call where we can bring our energy together to boost our magic and a live group mentoring call where I’ll be on hand to help you work through any business Q’s!

Access to a supportive and safe community via Facebook where you can talk all things biz, where there are no stupid questions and a chance to hang with your new best biz friends!

Other fun extras like social media shout outs, Instagram podding and collabs with other members to help you build your community!

(Live calls will be at times that suit most members of the group and may be changed monthly so more people have the opportunity to attend live)


The Fully Lit Mastermind is open to anyone of any gender and those identifying as non-gender


Investment is just

£33 a month

(Approx $43USD or $61AUD)


The Mastermind is a pretty Magical place, but don’t just take my word for it…

Joana Ponder

Joana Ponder

Being in the Fully Lit Mastermind has done so much for my business and spiritual mentality. I love checking in with the group and feeling supported by like-minded people. I finally feel like I am making progress in the work that I WANT and feel CALLED to do. The monthly calls have been crucial in expanding my Self and my work. And Vix's mentoring throughout it all has been a godsend. There is so much love and support in this group, joining it has been the best thing I've done for my business. 

Bonnie Ho

Bonnie Ho

Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor, Healer and Artist at Fly, Bird Fly

The Fully Lit Mastermind is the fuel that keeps me going in my biz! Starting a business is tough, and Vix + everyone in the group makes me feel so supported. I love Vix's approach to business, it is soooo refreshing. Coming from a corporate marketing background, I knew "the rules of marketing," but there's no heart in that. What Vix brings is the spirit and heart-aligned approach to business, helping me switch my mindset. The manifestation meditation calls are AMAZING!! The loving and abundance energy on those calls are worth the monthly fee alone.


Gaby van Bienen

Spiritual Wayshower, Intuitive and Writer at Sfaelin

The Fully Lit Mastermind is an amazing place to be for “soulpreneurs”! It can be tough for those of us who run heart-centered businesses based on intuition. Regular marketing and business strategies often don’t apply, and many people will not understand what you are doing. In the mastermind you will find a group of like-minded souls who are pioneers in this new way of working. They understand what you’re going through (because they’re experiencing it too!) and are there for each other with support, guidance or just a listening ear. And last but not least, our amazing leader Vix! Her so-called biz rambles provide amazing insights and her meditation/manifestation and coaching calls are nothing short of amazing.

Amy Thomas-Owen

Amy Thomas-Owen

An Expansive Mind

Since being a member of The Fully Lit Mastermind, I have made greater strides with my business than I ever have before! The Mastermind offers the most nurturing and supportive space for me to grow my business and its approach is truly heart centred, making it a unique mentoring hub. Although I am implementing more practical steps in my business, a lot of this is due to my boost in confidence and self-esteem that the Mastermind and its members have supported me with. I can't thank Vix enough for facilitating this group and for all her inspiring and useful content! I am honestly so glad I made the decision to join!


How long is the program?

The Mastermind is an on-going monthly membership. You can join anytime and have one month to access the group and content from the date you sign up. You are not locked in and can leave anytime.

I don’t run a spiritual business, but I am a heart-centred soul-led creative, can I still join?

Yes of course! The Mastermind will support you with whatever you do to share your love and light with the world.

How do I know the group is a safe space?

On joining everyone is asked to accept that they will keep the group safe. Anyone who brings any harsh vibes to the group will be removed without refund. Of course sometimes we will disagree on things. I’m not interested in censoring anyone’s opinion as long as it’s always shared with respect for others.

Any other questions?

Contact me here.


About Me:

I started New Age Hipster as a blog back in 2014 after my guides and angels wouldn’t stop bugging me about it! As a Theatre Major and Drama and Special Needs teacher I had literally no clue about running my own business, but step by step I figured it all out, and now I run New Age Hipster as a full time gig, serving my incredible community of vibrant souls through Soul Readings, Spiritual + Business Mentoring, my online spiritual development circle, courses, podcast, blog, free Facebook groups and social media and the Fully Lit Mastermind! I have also self-published my first novel which became an Amazon best seller!

On my days off you can find me watching 80’s movies or reading YA fiction, walking through the woods, hunting for vintage treasures or seeking out some yummy vegan food!


Terms + Conditions: The group will be a totally safe space where will we treat each other with respect and kindness. Anyone who brings harsh vibes to the group in any way will be removed from the mastermind with no refund. You may leave at any time and are not locked-in in any way. There are no refunds but if you are unhappy for any reason please contact me to discuss.


Check out some other nice things people said about working with me…

“Receiving a reading from Vix is liking sitting down for a cup of tea and cookies with an old friend. You feel welcomed, warm, and cozy. Vix has a way of being so present and connected with you in her videos you would swear you were face-to-face. Her interpretations of the cards in relation to your questions go deep and leave you going, “Wow, I had no idea of the potential.” We have returned to our business reading many times because there is so much amazing insight there. Vix has a great many gifts and they are all magic!”
”Having followed Vix for quite a while on social media I felt very drawn to her intuitively led work ethic rather than the modern day ‘hustle’ I so frequently see. Having tried the modern day hustle myself, I knew it wasn’t for me and that any progress I would make in my business would have to be soul led and intuitively guided. It was for that reason that I knew Vix would be the perfect business coach for me.

The sessions always managed to tap into exactly what needed to surface. And although, at times, the talk was very much personal rather than business related, it all had purpose in supporting me in my next move. In only a few short sessions Vix has supported me in what I see as levelling up both personally and professionally. She was able to channel the guidance that I so desperately needed and create the space for me to think and assess what I needed to do next.

If you are looking for guidance in your business and you work from the heart then I would not hesitate recommending Vix as a business support and mentor.”
Vix witnessed my deeper truth during our mentoring session, even in ways that I myself hadn’t seen yet. She incorporated her intuition AND her awesome business know-how, and gave me advice that I used to transform aspects of my business that very same day. Ever since, I have been implementing the strategies we discussed and feeling more and more inspired about my business and life! She’s the one I’ll come to for intuitive mentorship and readings in the future! Thank you, Vix!
”Vix is a potent intuitive reader! She held space with deep grace. I am so grateful that she was able to keep the energy light while we dove into deep waters. Everything she shared with me was on point and actionable. She has an uncanny ability to cut to the truth in a way that feels like warm honey for the soul. I left our time together with a great sense of direction. The best part was that her reading was a beautiful reminder that my sails are powered by my own inner strength + creativity. I love her energy + insight. I would consult with her time and again. I like to think of her as my very own in-house reader. Every woman needs her go-to reader. Vix is mine.”
A mentoring session with Vix is like having a cup of coffee with a good friend, who is killing it in business and gives amazing intuitive advice. She’s warm, real and super connected. Since starting my business I have hired a few coaches here and there and none of them really hit the spot, or really understood me. My mentoring session with Vix flew by, in a good way. She got me completely, read my energy off the bat and helped me think about my business in a different way. I will be signing up again with her soon, while secretly pretending we are best friends now. If you are a spiritual business owner, give a reading or session with Vix a shot! You will not be disappointed.
”Working with Vix for both personal and business guidance has helped me connect back to my true self and has given me the confidence to explore my spiritual side without judgement and in turn share my messages in a much more heartfelt way.

Having attended in person workshops as well as been part of her online offerings, including The Circle, I have always felt so safe and supported by her when she holds space. I have been lucky enough to have received readings from her - which have been far more than a simple card reading and have helped me navigate some very challenging times - and she has guided me in meditation several times, each time leading to shifts and ‘ah ha’ moments and a renewed connection to myself.

If you feel drawn to working with Vix in anyway, trust that instinct, it is guiding you to a very authentic and magical place.”