Wanna hang out and be a part of the new age hipster community?

There's more here than just grabbing a reading... x


Come hang out in the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group on Facebook. No promos, no weridness, no out-spiriting, just awesome people sharing their spiritual journey, grabbing snacks, chatting about their trips and getting directions. 

Come join us here!

Donate + Energy Exchange

Once a month you're invited to a free Night of Love and light!

Check the events page for details of the next one!

We chat about what's the haps and what energy peeps have been feeling. We pull some cards for the group and then I lead you through a meditation to receive love and light and then to spread it all over the planet! YAY!

Lightworkers unite! x

It's a high vibe event that will make you feel awesome and also makes the planet feel awesome too!

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