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Class of 1983 Victoria Maxwell


my #1 AMAZON BEST SELLing Young Adult Fiction novel

Class of 1983


What if your future was in the past?

When Magz finds an old key in a dusty old high school year book, she hardly expects it to open up a time travel portal in the school’s book room that sends her back in time to 1983.

But she soon finds out that time travelling is not all record shopping, pizza parties and puffy prom dresses.

Head over vintage heels in love with the raddest guy in the class of 1983, Sammy Ruthven, Magz must find a way to change his future if she has any chance of being with him in the past.

But can you really change destiny? And what if your destiny has already happened? How do you change it then?

Like a Twilight versus Back to the Future dance off directed by John Hughes, Class of 1983 is Victoria Maxwell's debut Young Adult novel about escaping persecution, falling in first love, friendship, destiny and free will.


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