New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 8 | Dealing with the haters, Compassion + empowerment with Ethony

New Age Hipster Radio Episode 8

OMMGGGG you guys, we are sooo freaking lucky to have the incredible Ethony on the show! :O

Ethony is a kick ass Tarot reader and teacher and an absolute boss when it comes to business. She runs the Tarot Readers Academy online and the Awakened Soul Coven and she has an incredible blog and YouTube channel that are well worth binging over!

In this week's episode we get into a super juicy chat about dealing with the haters and other negativity online, we talk about how freaking important compassion is as a practice and we even talk openly for the first time about Doreen Virtue's conversion! :O

This is good stuff y'all!

Have a listen and let us know what you think, and find out all about Ethony here:



New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 7 | My Spiritual Story

New Age Hipster Radio Episode 7

So this episode ended up being waaaaay longer than I intended! I suggest listening to this one on a long commute or while cleaning the house!

In this solo ramble I share my spiritual story! This is pretty much my entire life story in an hour.

I chat about my moment of self actualisation as a little kid, becoming a witch in the 90's, my experience as a worship leader in the church, how a ghost that made me reconnect to my spiritual path and how I got from being totally oblivious to my guides and angels to being able to hear them clearly and trust my guidance!

Some of the links I talk about in this ep:

How to Stay Shiny free Protection E-Book

Woo Woo School

Vix New Age Hipster

New Age Hipster Radio Episode 6 | Spiritual Deep Dives + Cosmic Shifts with Gail Love Schock

New Age Hipster Radio Ep6

It was such an honour to have the glorious Gail Love Schock on the podcast!

If you are ready for some deep diving, cosmic shifting and to really do the spiritual work, you're gonna have to have a listen to this immense chat I had with Gail!

Gail touched on so many things, we talked about old paradigm language and energies that we are shifting out of now, we talked about new ways to re-frame the "empath" conversation, the throat chakra clearing of the entire planet and that was just in the first couple of minutes!

So make yourself a bevvy and get comfy and hang out with us for bit. :)


Gail Love Schock Energy Alchemist, Spiritual Direction and Life Strategist and Interfaith Minister. Gail walks you across the bridge of your now to next, supporting your awakening, transformation and connect back home to yourself. Featured in The Sunday Times Style Edit, New York Post, Psychologies and Women & Home, Gail's down to earth spirituality is making the difference to a new generation of seekers, love leaders and decision makers.



Gail Love Schock

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 5 | Empowering Tarot Reading + Energy + Biz Tips with Carrie Mallon

New Age Hipster Radio Ep5 with Carrie Mallon

Carrie is one of my fave tarot readers, and her blog is literally my favourite tarot blog out there! She is also a personal and biz mentor, a vlogger, magic maker and all round amazing soul!

On the podcast this week we chatted a lot about tarot, to predict or not to predict and how to make your readings for clients super empowering. We chatted about running a spiritual biz and a whole bunch of other good things!

So go make yourself a tea, or have a listen while you're tidying your tarot deck collection and hang with us! 


Hang out with the beautiful Carrie Mallon here:



Carrie Mallon

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 4 | Reconnecting + Unravelling with Lauren Barber

New Age Hipster Radio Ep4 with Lauren Barber

This week on the podcast I have a chat with the glorious Lauren Barber about the challenges of labelling yourself, Saturn returns, anxiety, what it's like to live a life that looks perfect from the outside but feels disconnected from inside, body and womb wisdom, the reclaiming of the self, the unravelling and the re-connection to your own light and power.

So go make yourself a tea, or pop  your headphones on and go for a walk and join us! :D

Lauren is a yoga teacher, priestess, body and womb wisdom teacher + practitioner, mentor, coach, healer, spiritual teacher and level expert at holding space. 


Connect with the glorious Lauren here:



Lauren Barber

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 3 | What is Prosperity Consciousness?

New Age Hipster Radio Ep3

This week's episode is a solo ramble about prosperity consciousness. 

If you are struggling to get into alignment with your money stuff, or you're just curious about how I shifted my old money mindset you might want to give this ep a listen!

I share some of my own stories and struggles and a few tips and tricks to help you get more conscious, aware and how to take responsibility and start changing and shifting things for yourself!

If you dig this chat and want some support on your journey towards #MoneyLove you can check out my online course: #MoneyLove

Happy listening lovehearts!

May your life be prosperous, easy and divinely aligned!

With so much love and light,




New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 2 | Prosperity, Privilege + Money Honey with Lara-Rose Duong

New Age Hipster Radio Ep2

Ah OMG  you guys, so freaking excited to have the gorgeous Money Honey Priestess Prosperity Goddess Lara-Rose Duong on the show this week! :O

This woman is legit.

If you've navigating some money stuff, trying to balance your giving and receiving,  dealing with money shame, struggling to bring it in, or feel good about actually having it when you do, you're gonna want to come hang with us for an hour!

Lara-Rose Duong

We also touch on some big heavy topics such as privilege, veganism and what it means to be a Western Woman. Please keep in mind all opinions shared in the show are our own and you are under no obligation whatsoever to agree! I'd love to continue having these conversations with you in the comments too! 

To hang with the glorious LR here's her deets:

Work with LRD:  www.lararoseduong.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lararoseduong

Prosperity Priestess

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 1 | Hi + welcome + a mantra for when you feel stuck x

New Age Hipster Radio Ep1

Launching the New Age Hipster Radio Podcast! :O OMG!

Guys, I am so freaking excited to be launching the podcast, New Age Hipster Radio, which has been incubating in my heart and mind for a reaaaally loonnnng time!

The first episode is a ramble I recorded while sitting on my couch and slinging a few cards. I chat about feeling stuck, #Lightworker problems, manifesting, purpose and tarot decks.

It's a little rough around the edges, but firsts always are!

I'm not sure exactly where this podcast is heading, but I hope it's interesting and useful to someone, and I'd love to hear from you if it is, and also I'd love to hear from you what you'd like to hear future episodes on too!

Happy listening loves!

With love and light,