Wedding Tarot or Oracle Spread

Wedding Tarot Spread (3).png

I Just got married! :O

And what better way to celebrate is there than doing a tarot spread? :P

You can use this spread to tune in to the energy of your relationship and help make it super awesome whether you are newly wed, honeymooning, engaged, been together fifty years or just met.

It’s a great little relationship tarot spread to use at any time.

So grab a tarot or oracle deck, a cup of tea and if they’re up for it, why not grab your partner and do it together? :D

1. What roots or grounds your relationship

This card will offer some insight into what grounds you, what keeps you together, what magic your relationship is built on.

2. What will support the relationship to continue to grow stronger

No matter where you’re at, how happy you are, or how much you are struggling, this card can help you see what can help you to grow big and strong together.

3. How to stay true to who you are and honour your personal journey

Sometimes it can be hard to stay in balance with giving all you’ve got to the relationship but also doing the things you need to do for you, this card will give you some guidance on that.

4. How to honour your partner's personal journey

And of course, we need to make sure we are letting our partner do what they need to do for their own journey too, this card will help you see what your role in that is.

5. How to best support your partner and help them feel loved

Here you’ll get some insight into how you can best help your partner feel loved and supported.

6. How to let them love and support you

And here you’ll get some messages about how to open up that heart chakra and let them love and support you!

7. How to overcome challenges

No matter how incredible your relationship is, there are always going to be challenges. This card will help you see how you can overcome them when they come up.

8. The secret to lasting love

And finally, the secret to making it last forever.

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With so much love, light and good relationship vibes,



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