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Weekly Reading – March 9 TO 15 2015 – Morgan's Tarot

Morgan's Tarot - Morgan Robbins
Morgan's Tarot - Morgan Robbins

Welcome to another week on Planet Earth kids! This week your spiritual guidance comes courtesy of the Morgan's Tarot. First printed in the 1970's this is a seriously bizarre quirky deck that gives pretty amazing readings! So let's see how it can help us this week to make the most of the next 7 days ahead...

Start of the week - There are no others

This card reminds you that no one is coming to save you. You have to save yourself. You have to be your own knight in shining armour. Sure, you may have a great partner, friends and loads of people who will help you on your life path, which is a wonderful thing! But there are times in life when you need to be the one to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. You're a grown up now, if you fall over and scratch your knee do you sit there and cry until mummy comes running with a Bandaid? Or do you get the hell up and get on with your day?

Middle of the week - What's happening?

When I pulled this card I saw these shapes as being 'organised', and that's what we need to do a little of this week. We've spent some time lately trying to see the big picture, well now it's time to zoom in on that one thing that we can do this week to move forward in our lives. You don't have to get the whole thing worked out, but you do have to make some progress. Even just some planning, some research or some thinking and journalling would be a good start. A small start is better than no start! Whatever is coming up for you in the middle of the week - break it down into manageable chunks. Don't freak out.

End of the week - Freak!

This weekend is all about letting your inner freak out to play! It's about being totally true to yourself, who you are, how you want to act and what you want to wear. Don't stop wearing that bright pink cardigan just because someone at work made a snarky comment about it. Don't stop singing along to the radio when you're browsing in your favourite store when someone looks at you weird, be totally completely freakishly you this weekend. Embrace your inner freak and see what they have to tell you! On the back of that, make sure this week that you are seeing the beauty in other people's inner freaks too! When you see someone on the street who you think looks ridiculous instead of thinking "OMG what is that person wearing?" change your thought to one of "wow, that person has such an individual style", or "I have so much respect for someone that just wears whatever they want to!"

I hope your week is amazing, and if you are free I would love to see you at my Angel Wisdom Wednesday event this week! I'll be doing free readings on my Facebook page for an hour! Join the event for your chance to ask a question and get a free reading! Yay! Oh, and sign up below to get the New Age Hipster newsletter because I'm about to send everyone something really cool and totally free!

<3 I'm sending you all loads of love, light and freakishly awesome vibes! <3



The week ahead - Baba AKA God cakes

photo (21) Last week I had a question that was basically along the lines of who is the week ahead card for? So let me answer that before I go on with this week's card. Whenever I pull a card for my blog, whether it's for the week ahead or #Caturday cat cards I always ask my team (God, Angels, Guides and whoever else is with me from the light!) for a card that is for anyone who happens upon this blog and this page, so the answer is - this card is for you. Whoever is reading this right now! :-) However, if the card just doesn't resonate with you then that's totally fine too! Only you can know if this card is really for you or not. ;-)

Now onto the reading! I finally got my so awesome Morgan's Tarot deck this week. I wanted it ever since I started researching Tarot cards of the 1980's. I thought it was such an odd ball deck and it really spoke to me when I saw pictures from it online. However, when I unwrapped the plastic and went through the cards I was like 'OMG wtf is this deck?' I thought maybe it was just a little too far out for me. But then I started shuffling and as I shuffled I really felt like actually this deck was definitely going to be able to speak to me. Yay!

OK, now really onto the reading! This week I pulled 'Baba'. The word 'Baba' has so many meanings in different languages and cultures; 'father', 'God', 'cake', 'Holy man', but how does that relate to our week ahead? I feel like this is a reminder to connect with God, whatever that means to you. Hang out with God this week, chat to God in the car, in your head, in the shower, before you fall asleep. Get it all off your chest this week. Whatever is bothering you, whatever is making you happy in your life, whatever you want fixing or changing talk to God about it all.

And may I suggest it could also be a good week to bake or buy a cake. ;-)


Love, light and God cakes,