How to be Spiritual on a Budget

There are times in our lives when we are abundant in love, but a little cash poor. Perhaps you are waiting for your abundance truck to come in, or maybe you are in a crazy awesome mega money flow. Whatever your situation in the bank, getting a good deal can still feel darn good! 

So for those of you out there who love a discount as much as I do, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite free things and super cheap ways to keep your spiritual cup full, even when you are living off beans and white bread.


Inspiration for your ears

There are sooooo many free spiritual podcasts on iTunes! There are loads of free Gabrielle Bernstein lectures to listen to and my personal fave - The Psychic Teachers. And if you check out our neighbourhood Passion Junkie Fab's podcast you might even find an interview with me on there! :-O I could write a whole post about podcasts, because I love so many of them, but just go check them out for yourself and see what you find! There is soooo much totally free spiritual goodness to be had on iTunes!


Free Meditations

YouTube is so good for free meditations! I LOVE Neil Cooper's Meditations and also came across the lovely Ros recently who has really seriously awesome Angel Meditations! Hay House Presents also have an awesome playlist of meditations featuring totally free meditations with gorgeous and amazing peeps like Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh!


Free Yoga

If you are looking for some amazing free Yoga videos on YouTube you can't go past Yoga with Adriene!



Don't think you have to spend a small fortune on a cute necklace just because a certain stone is resonating with you right now. Part of the reason I wear chip bracelets all the time is because they are uber cheap! But even cheaper are regular plain old tumble stones. Pop them in your pocket, or even hide them in your bra! You can grab tumble stones from any new age shop, gift shop or even some museums have them too! Etsy have loads and lots of peeps are popping them into special bags to make searching for what you need a whole lot easier!

These babies cost between just 25p and a couple of quid each! x

These babies cost between just 25p and a couple of quid each! x

Cheap books

There are a few ways I get my super cheap spiritual books. When something comes on my radar I check out Amazon and go straight to the used prices. If you don't mind a few dog ears and marks on your cover you can get amazing things for as little as ONE penny! I'm not even joking! Plus postage, but that still only brings your book up to £2.81! I've found books on healing, Doreen Virtue books for 1p and there's even some brand new books for only 22p! But buying second hand is good for the planet, good for the trees and good for your pocket too! Add books to your wishlist on Amazon and then check back later because the prices often go even further down!

If you really do prefer your books brand new, or you can't find what you want second hand, check out Wordery and Book Depository. They ship anywhere in the world for FREE and often have cheaper prices too! I just bought a book on Wordery for £7.16 that had a recommended retail of £16.99! BARGAIN ALERT!!

Charity shops often have spiritual books tucked away in their non-fiction sections. Just this week I scored a Marianne Williamson book for £1! A bargain and it helps charities too! YAY!

This awesome book was only £1.61! OMG! YES! And it's a pretty good read too! 

This awesome book was only £1.61! OMG! YES! And it's a pretty good read too! 



Head over to Doreen Virtue's channel for an Angel Reading or hit up the New Age Hipster channel! Even though these readings aren't totally personalised to you, you'll find that certain words will grab you, some cards will feel like they are just for you and they will also help you make sense of the energies around you. Great for you if you can't grab a personal reading just now.



Many readers, such as myself, offer occasional giveaway readings, and other random freebies so make sure you follow the readers you like on InstagramFacebook and Twitter so you are the first to see when these things happen. Every time I do a deck review I ask my FB peeps for a question so I can include in my video how the cards work for a reading. You can see one I did for the lovely Gracy! The reading starts at 17:17.


Cheap Decks

There is a lot of talk about second hand decks being bad juju. I was on that bandwagon myself, but after I found The Angel Oracle Deck for just 29p on Amazon I changed my tune about that. The deck had barely been touched and I do totally think that deck was meant to come to me! Recycling is super important these days, so if you see an awesome second hand deck don't freak, you are just doing some spiritual recycling! Also check Ebay for a bargain deck too - especially hard to find decks! I got the Art Nouveau Tarot for about £20 on Ebay a little while ago and it's now going for £75! Keep your eyes peeled for a bargain!


Not a bad for 29p! Just one of the cards in the Angel Oracle deck by Ambika Wauters. x

Not a bad for 29p! Just one of the cards in the Angel Oracle deck by Ambika Wauters. x


Candles and other bits

We can't all afford to kit out our altar with stuff from the local Crystal store. I often buy scarves and tablecloths from charity shops or Etsy! Incense is pretty cheap, you can even check pound stores to find it even cheaper. I found this cool picture of Mother Mary for a couple of quid in a pound store! Don't worry about spending loads on candles either, a few home brand tea lights or a couple of white pillars from IKEA can look just as awesome as anything you spent a bucket-load on! Again check out charity stores for brick-a-brack bits like candle-holders! And if you want some images to stick around the place, save them from Pinterest and then print them off at work (haha, I didn't tell you to do that! :-P ) and stick them around your spiritual areas!

Cosmic Tarot from Wordery, Candle holder from charity shop! x

Cosmic Tarot from Wordery, Candle holder from charity shop! x


You can literally spend NO money and still be a total spirit junkie these days, and for just a couple of quid you can get yourself a deck and some books! 

May the metaphysical force be with you bargain hunters. Please come over to Facebook and share your bargains with us all too! 

Love, light and bargain shopping!



The Week Ahead - Old robes vs Kardashian wardrobes

photo 1 (7) Another weekly reading brought to you by the suit of coins. Sorry! Last week we had the lovely tea and chat with the angels, but guess what? It's back to being kicked in the butt - no cookies on the table today!

So the question this week is - are we spending money in alignment with our higher selves? I bought some clothes on ASOS the other day, maybe I didn't really need them. Maybe I should be living a holy life in scratchy robes and old sandals. Argh! But we can't live in robes and sandals on this planet right now, not unless we go off the grid at least. In my life right now I live in a city and I work in a public place and there's a dress code. I'm not even allowed to wear sandals.

So where do we draw the line between dressing like a monk and spending like a Kardashian? How do we know how much is OK and how much is too much? Obviously our bank accounts can give us some advice about that, but using how much is in your bank account to gauge how much you can spend leads you to doing what I did last month - nearly hitting zero!

So the real question here is how do we get into alignment with 'good' spending?! Right, let's pull another card...

photo 2 (8)

Looks like we need to put our purchases on the metaphorical scale of spending Justice!

Imagine on one side of the scale sits your glowing gorgeous higher self (a mini version, obviously your higher self is bigger than can fit on a scale!) and on the other put your purchases. Do they balance out? Is your ASOS shopping spree too heavy?! Is your once a month 50p charity shop buy a little too light?!

We can also think of our higher self as a 'person' and ask them what they think of our purchases too - hold up that shirt to your higher self in the changing room and see if she/he nods or shakes her/his head. Before clicking on 'purchase' look over at your higher self standing over by the pot plant, are they giving you that look? Or are they nodding with approval - after all your higher self wants you to feel good right?! It's OK to buy stuff that will make you feel good, but spending money on crap you don't even like doesn't make you feel good!

Put your purchases on the scale and see how they line up this week! I'd love to know if this resonates and works for you guys and I'll be reporting back on my progress at this at the end of the week! :-)

In other weekly news - I still have loads of free 3 card readings to give away so hook it up if you haven't already! I've finally put up a page of Praise featuring some of the amazing and wonderful feedback I've had so far and I've started putting up some links to some of the amazing people out in the world who have helped me so much on my journey so far, check them out! One of whom is the lovely Louise Androlia who I met yesterday at her wonderful double energy + surrender workshop which I'll be blogging about in the next few days. :-)

Love, light and weighing in the spending!



The week ahead - money on mind

photo (16)

Urgh, don't you just hate these money cards? I want fluffy bunny love cards, not MONEY cards! I don't even want to think about money! Unless it's coming to me in unexpected ways of course...

But hey, guess what? We live in the world, and so money is a huge part of our lives, and the Four of Ariel reminds us this week to stop and think about how we are spending. Are you spending way too much? Or are you hoarding all your money away for a 'rainy day' and being kind of a Scrooge?

A good question to ask yourself is this; Are you spending your money on the things that you value? Or are you just buying crap? Think about it next time you're standing in line at the counter, or about to click 'purchase', ask yourself - 'How much do I value this?'

And it works both ways. You might find yourself putting a bunch of stuff you don't really need or want back on the hangers, but you also might find yourself spending more money on things you wouldn't usually. I rarely spend a lot of money on crystals. I always pick up the £1 tumble stones, when really, because I love them so much, I should be looking at the £5 ones instead.

Love, light and expensive crystals,