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New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 2 | Prosperity, Privilege + Money Honey with Lara-Rose Duong

New Age Hipster Radio Ep2

Ah OMG  you guys, so freaking excited to have the gorgeous Money Honey Priestess Prosperity Goddess Lara-Rose Duong on the show this week! :O

This woman is legit.

If you've navigating some money stuff, trying to balance your giving and receiving,  dealing with money shame, struggling to bring it in, or feel good about actually having it when you do, you're gonna want to come hang with us for an hour!

Lara-Rose Duong

We also touch on some big heavy topics such as privilege, veganism and what it means to be a Western Woman. Please keep in mind all opinions shared in the show are our own and you are under no obligation whatsoever to agree! I'd love to continue having these conversations with you in the comments too! 

To hang with the glorious LR here's her deets:

Work with LRD:


Prosperity Priestess

The week ahead - Back to school!

The week ahead - Back to school! This week we are being guided to go back to school. Bummer! But hey, a little bit of study this week might push you in the right direction to make a little extra cashola! If you don't have something you are already working on, maybe it's time to think about starting a project that could reap the financial rewards you're not currently seeing.

So this week I'll be working on my tarot lessons, my novel, my two blogs, a website and I'll be doing it all after I finish at my day job.

Let's make it happen people! Put in the hard yards this week and then you can relax on the weekend. ;-)

Love, light and school work! x