knight of swords

Don't be afraid of the tower card! x 18 to 24 May 2015

Art Nouveau Tarot by Matt Myers
Art Nouveau Tarot by Matt Myers

This week we are getting our messages via the Art Nouveau Tarot by Matt Myers - a freaking awesome 80's tarot deck that is perfect for relationship readings. I did soooo many relationship readings at Higher Selfie last weekend that I think I had this deck on the brain because it was the first one that grabbed me this week!

Start of the week - The Tower

It's pretty common to totally freak out when you see The Tower card. But you know how I see it? Sure everything is crumbling down around you - but the reason it's crumbling is because it wasn't built right. Now is the chance to let anything in your life that isn't right fall away.

Middle of the week - Knight of Swords

And now here comes the Universe with a sword for you to chop away anything that hasn't fallen yet. You have the power to get rid of anything negative or not working in your life, so take up your sword and slice that stuff up! This could also be a really good time to do some decluttering or tidying of book shelves.

End of the week - Nine of Cups

This weekend is time to chill the eff out! You've been working hard, you've been constantly 'on'. This weekend you wanna switch off - as much as you can, and then maybe a little bit more. The best way to show the Universe that you are thankful for your life is to freaking enjoy it! Go out and see friends, finish that YA novel you've been reading for months, spend time with family, and especially if you are in a relationship spend some decent quality time with your person.

It's another powerful week guys! You have the power to make this week amazing - let some of your old crap (inner or outer!) crumble away and then have yourself a damn fine weekend!

You know where you can find me if you fancy a personal reading!

<3 Love, light and Swords of Gryffindore! <3