Its OK to be emo (sometimes) - What to do about bad days

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Ever had a bad day? It happens. Yes, even to those of us who practice self love, self care, self help and are totes into our spiritual practice. We can still find ourselves slipping under the doona covers and wanting to stay there all day, sometimes without any real apparent reason.

In the Modern Mystic world we are constantly bombarded with messages of positivity - keep your thoughts positive and stay in a high vibration!  We know if we don’t stay high we won’t manifest our hearts true desires and instead will begin to attract more bad days. That's when we panic and think - shit, I’m manifesting more misery in my life - I must be happy immediately!


This morning was one of those mornings for me. I dragged myself out of bed and got in the shower - where I always say hello to my guides and angels and whoever else is with me.

Me: Urgh, I know this is bad guys, but I just feel low today, I just want to stay home in my Hello Kitty PJs, veg out on the couch, eat a pizza and have a Charmed marathon.

Guidances: It's OK to feel like this. You don’t have to freak out about all your manifesting work going down the toilet. You don’t have to force yourself to feel positive. Sometimes you just have to feel what you are feeling. Sometimes you get so caught up in spreading light, shining bright and living in the light that you can forget the reason you came here is to be human and that means feeling all the human stuff.

You didn't come here to be perfect, you came here to learn, grow and have an awesome journey. Sometimes you need to take a pitstop.


Being emo cheat sheet

<3 Use your emo days as self care days. Watch your favourite show, read a trashy book, do the things you usually don’t have time for or feel guilty doing.

<3 When you feel emo remember you came here to be human.

<3 Don’t beat yourself up, talk to yourself like your best friend would, e.g “Sorry you are having a bad day, do you want a cup of tea and a giant Twix?”

<3 Talk to a friend or loved one and tell them you feel emo but if you think you are going to drag someone else down with you, spend some time alone instead.

<3 Damn well cry it out!

<3 Listen to sad music. There are loads of playlists on Spotify for sad days. Switch it up to a good vibe list when you are ready.

<3 Use that Lush bath bomb you’ve been saving for a special day

<3 Eat whatever your body craves. If it’s fish and chips (why do I always crave fish and chips when I’m emo?!) - screw it and do it!

<3 Rom coms.

<3 Don’t force yourself out of your feelings - let yourself rise back up slowly and when you are ready.

<3 Get straight back into bed when you get home from work or wherever you are.

<3 If it doesn’t feel good and you really want to get higher quicker listen to some fun music, watch a bad comedy or do your best Taylor Swift in the mirror. You never know who may be watching! LOL!

<3 Buy yourself some yellow roses.

<3 Really think about where this feeling is coming from. Sometimes I just get down from watching the news and thinking about the state of the world.

<3 If you know why you feel emo perhaps it’s time to really look at this part of your life.

<3 If you don't know why you are emo, just wait until it passes.

<3 Don’t do anything that you can put off until tomorrow. Chores can wait, your emotional state is more important, you can totally wear those jeans again tomorrow.

<3 Let it be, let it in, let it pass and let it go.

<3 It’s OK to be emo, as long as you don’t stay in this down vibe too long - a day or two is fine, any longer and it may be time to get your own butt, get some reiki or therapy or even get your cards read!


Remember it’s OK to be emo sometimes. You didn’t come here to be living at high vibration all the time, you came here for the human experience, to help the world and make a difference, but it’s OK to take a day off.

<3 Love, light and going back to bed <3