Why isn't my manifesting working?

We do everything they tell us to do. We visualise, we burn letters, we call on the Angels of Abundance, we surrender, we journal, but sometimes, no matter how many things we are doing "right", our manifesting just doesn't seem to be working

And when that happens we go into freak out mode - this stuff doesn't work! Rarrr! And throw our cauldrons across the room. Or we scream at the universe "when is it my turn?!" We make demands, get furious at ourselves for being terrible manifestors, give up, cry, decide that this damn stuff doesn't work at all and then we try just one more guided meditation for abundance! 

There are so many reasons manifesting doesn't work, and most of them aren't because you're just a shit manifestor. So before you run out and buy a new set of prosperity candles because obvs the ones you have are duds, check out these reasons for why your dream man/woman/job/house/whatever hasn't turned up yet.


It's just a timing thing

Things don't always manifest on our timeline. Maybe your dream man is still getting out of a relationship he needed to have so he'd have learned some soul lessons and be ready for you. Maybe your house is still being built. Maybe you think you're ready for that book deal, but actually, you're kind of not. 

The universe doesn't (usually) deliver according to your iPhone calendar. If it's taking ages, it's probably for your best and highest good, so sit pretty, pretty one!


keeping the faith

Do you actually believe what you're doing is working? If you don't think your manifesting is working, guess what? It's not going to work. 

If you don't believe you deserve that new job, you probably won't get it, no matter how many manifesting tools you use. Or, you will get it and then fall into a heap of like "OMG I can't do this! I'm not good enough!"

Maybe the problem is not that you don't believe in the powers of manifesting and the universe, you just don't believe you deserve great stuff, which is a totally different blog post (watch this space).


what your heart really wants

Oh this is a corker. Sometimes when we try to manifest things we saw in the Urban Outfitters catalogue instead of from our hearts it's not always in alignment.

Now some people have huge successes manifesting fancy cars, huge wads of cash and hot outfits. Not me though. I find manifesting from my heart means it's way more likely to come into being.

I manifested New Age Hipster because I followed my heart. I manifested Taylor Swift tickets because I love her (and I love my friend Toni who had a spare ticket!). I manifested a uni scholarship because I loved the subject I wanted to study. I manifested my partner because my heart wanted him. When I look at what other people have and get into a place of manifesting what they have, that never works. Or, sometimes it does, and it teaches you a lot. 

Just chilling out last summer in Hyde Park, London with my mates Toni + Tay Tay x

Just chilling out last summer in Hyde Park, London with my mates Toni + Tay Tay x


gratitude for what you have

Being in gratitude is one of the best ways to manifest more awesome.

But you can't do it because you want more awesome right?

If you're keeping a gratitude journal just because you want to manifest more stuff that's not totally a great energy right there. Keep a gratitude journal because your life rocks and you want to remember that every single day. With no agenda! It's like when you ask for some big birthday present, and then you get it, you open it and are like oh YAY! But then you turn around and start wondering where the other presents are. That person who gave you that big present might be like - eesh! and not totally dig your vibe. 

Have gratitude for your life, just because, not because you want more stuff.


being too specific

If you want to feel freedom in your life stop asking for more clients, a better job, a chance to travel or a horse.

If you want a horse, ask instead for the feeling of freedom in your life. If you want to feel loved don't ask for a husband who looks exactly like Rupert Grint, just ask for a partner who makes you feel loved, supported and happy!

Manifesting works better for me when I manifest for how I want to feel, the kind of life I want to have rather than the make and model. 


being too vague

I do readings for so many people who say to me that they don't know what they want. After talking to them for less an hour we've uncovered exactly what they want and some ways for them to start moving towards it! 

Don't be vague with the universe. If you want to own your own 1950's diner with turquoise chairs and a vegan menu don't answer the question "so what do you want to do with your life?" with "oh, I'm not really sure, maybe something with food." If you want those turquoise chairs damn well say that's what you want! 

I had a white cat and a tabby on my vision board for ages before I got Zorro, but I never had the intention he had to be white or tabby! I just really wanted a cat in my life. Good thing too, because I love his black splodges so much! x

I had a white cat and a tabby on my vision board for ages before I got Zorro, but I never had the intention he had to be white or tabby! I just really wanted a cat in my life. Good thing too, because I love his black splodges so much! x


It's not part of your soul's purpose

Sometimes things just aren't part of our purpose.

If your soul came here to experience a simple life out in the country you may not have much luck in manifesting that massive penthouse in London, or you will, but it won't make you happy and you'll head back to the country anyway. If your soul wanted to travel the world maybe you just won't be able to manifest that corporate job that sounds awesome, but is going to keep you tied down for the next twenty years. 

You can totally manifest things that aren't in alignment with your soul, but it doesn't usually make you feel as awesome as you thought it would


It's a lesson

Oh it's always a bloody lesson right? But there is so much growth and learning to be had in not getting what you want. Do you just wanna just be handed every single thing you want on a plate, like today? Like some miserable princess or prince sitting in a tower snapping their fingers and having it all done for them?

Those characters are never very interesting or happy in those stories. Your story will be much more interesting if you have some challenges, some highs and lows, joy in finding the right person to spend your life with after so many disasters, disappointment in not landing that dream job, but finding something else that makes your heart pop that you never even thought you wanted!

Still working on manifesting a couple of these... x

Still working on manifesting a couple of these... x

Manifesting is pretty awesome, but so is being open to all the magic life has to offer you that you can't even imagine, let alone find pictures of for your vision board!

I'd love to hear your manifesting stories in the comments below or over on the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group! What amazing things have you manifested in your life? And what do you do when your manifestations aren't working?

With love, light and magic manifesting,



How to make a freaking awesome vision board

With the new moon on Saturday I thought it would be a great day to maybe spend the afternoon chilling and working on a new vision board. The new moon is the best time to get cracking on your manifestation!

So I get that vision boards aren't a new thing and you may have even made quite a few yourself over the years, but if you haven't, or if you just want a little inspiration for your next one I thought I'd share with you how I do them. I started making vision boards years ago and every time I make a new one the process evolves, just like yours will. Feel free to use any of the ideas below but stay true to your intuition and make the vision board that is right for you!

You can make a vision board for your life in general or a specific part of your life. I made the above vision board for New Age Hipster, but I've been meaning to update my whole life one for ages! I would highly recommend that if you do one for your business or work or whatever that you do another one for everything else. You don't want to get too focused on your work and forget all the amazing things you want for the rest of your life!

Let's get started!


You will need:

<3 Magazines

<3 Card or paper

<3 Scissors + glue

<3 Glitter!

<3 Whatever other craft bits

<3 Intention

<3 Vibe raising music

A note on magazines: I find the best ones to use are things like Psychologies, Soul and Spirit, Red and anything arty or heavy on high quality images. Try to stay away from the trashy mags, and that's not a judgement on your reading material, hey I love to grab a trashy mag every now and then, but most of the images are of celeb cellulite and they tend to be full of gossipy low vibes. Yes this could spark a debate about how most magazines contain gossipy low vibes - stick to your Psychologies and spiritual mags if you prefer, I just really like Red because they always have great travel images! :-)


Step 1: Get comfy

Find a space where you can totally spread out everything and where you aren't going to be disturbed by people who aren't going to get wtf you are doing. I have a desk right now that I can spread out on, but I also really like working on the bed! Dining tables work well too but do be careful if your table is glass as you may accidentally (I'M SO SORRY!) scratch the surface with your scissors.

Find some music that suits your vibe. You are manifesting right now so you need to be concious about the kind of music you listen to. Spotify has some cool Zen/Focus playlists which I like, but there's also this amazing song Expand into Intuitive Knowing which is CRAZY high vibe manifesting music so don't be thinking anything crap about yourself when listening! If you have a favourite band or playlist that raises your vibe, even if it's like power ballads or whatever, go for it! You know what makes you feel good!


Step 2: Cutting out pictures

So now you've got the music on, maybe you've made a cup of tea too, and you are ready to start. You may want to say a little prayer or whatever but I usually find that the intention you come to this activity with - to create your life is usually enough. All you want to do is start flipping through the magazines and clipping out anything that resonates with you.

At this point I wouldn't worry too much about finding a picture of a dream house, finding specific words or holiday destinations, just clip anything that catches your eye. Don't worry about cutting anything out too neatly either. If you end up with loads of stuff left over you can keep it somewhere safe for next time, or another project. If you stay open you may find that things are popping out at you that you didn't even know you wanted or needed in your life. You might start noticing pictures of cats and thinking - oh yeah, I do really want a cat in my life. Or a holiday destination you've never even heard of may catch your eye and you may end up going there and meeting the love of your life! Ooooh!

Check out the image below that I stuck on when I was manifesting for a cat - my cat looks a lot like that white one being squished! :-)

Step 3: Organising pictures

First get your backing ready. I usually just tape a bunch of paper together for my backing, but you can use a nice card or whatever. One vision board I used I just stuck stuff onto brown paper roll. Make it as big as you want, but you may find you want to make it bigger as you go, which taping paper together allows for.

Then start going through your pictures. Put down the ones you definitely want, arranging and rearranging until you're happy! You can always go back to your magazines if you want more pictures.


Step 4: Glue & Glitter!

Then all you have to do is glue all your pictures on! When I'm done I like to put some glitter on somewhere, either around the edges, or on specific pictures or wherever the hell I want! Glitter is totally optional, but I think it adds a touch of magic!


Step 5: Stick it up

When it's dry find somewhere to hang it. The idea is to put it somewhere you are going to see it all the time. I get that not everyone has a place like this, but try to put it somewhere as prominent as possible! 

This one hangs in my bedroom because my bf is cool like that, but in previous living situations I've had to be a little sneakier about where I put it!

Vision boards - New Age Hipster

Tips and tricks:

<3 Take a photo of a section of your board and make it your phone or laptop wallpaper - esp great if you can't put it up somewhere really obvious

<3 Don't be afraid to include pictures of people who resonate with you, I was afraid to do this on my first few in case I somehow manifested that person - LOL! But now I have an image of a chic working from home on my biz board, Wonder Woman and Dolly Parton!

<3 Stick anything you want on there. It doesn't have to be all dream houses and yoga poses, a glittery pair of earrings or a perfume bottle may symbolise things you want out of your life, so stick 'em on!

<3 Light a candle of intention while you work

<3 Make a new vision board whenever you feel like you need to, on the new moon is especially great, so is new year and your birthday!

<3 Have a vision board party! Get all your friends to come round and sit around and share your dreams

<3 There is no right or wrong, and as you create different boards for different things at different times in your life you will discover your own best way for you to make a vision board that makes your dreams come true...


Share your own awesome ideas for creating your vision board (or a picture of your board!) either in the comments below or come on over and chat to other visionaries on FacebookAnd you just have to let us know when things start manifesting - because you know they will! ;-)

<3 Love, light and new vision vibes! <3