Don't Fear the Death Card

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Do you ever just like totally freak yourself out when you see the Death card come up in your reading?

You're sitting on the floor with a cup of delicious hot rooibos tea checking in with the cards for your day and you turn over Death. :O OMFG universe are you serious?!

But do not fear the Death card my loves! It's about so much more than actual dying... 



OK hello total cliche, but yes, the Death card means transition. You're coming out of some old energy and into some new (often times unknown) energy. 

Transition makes everyone freak out, so why they put a Grim Reaper on this card I really don't know.

Like, you're freaking out enough with everything you have going on, and then OMG now you have a skeleton on your reading table, or cloth, or carpet, whatever.

But really, Mr Bones over there is just letting you know that the skin of whatever you're going through is coming off to make way for something new, even if you don't know what that is yet.


Letting go

The Death card is the ultimate in letting go. This isn't like the Four of Pentacles let go of your grip kind of letting go though, this is like - change is gonna come so you you really have no choice but to let it happen.

The Death card can come up when a relationship is metaphorically dead, like there is no point breathing life into a dead thing, there is nothing left for you to do but move on and finally find something or someone like so, so much better for you.


Energetic Endings

Sometimes the Death card comes up to signal an ending, but it doesn't always mean an actual ending of a sitaution.

You don't have to break up with your boyfriend, but something does have to change. 

Death is like - whatever you do, something's gotta give. 

I often see this card as an energetic shift for people when it comes up in readings

Death shows up to let you know that your old thoughts, beliefs and ways of being are done and you're ready to move into some new, way more powerful awesome energy!



Actually Death looks kind of cool in the Linestrider deck! x

Actually Death looks kind of cool in the Linestrider deck! x

The best card ever

It might not always seem this way, but there are times in life when seeing the Death card is a total God send. Stuck in a job that you freaking hate but don't know how to get out of? When Death comes up you can be sure that whatever happens, you're getting out of that job, hoofreakingrah right? 

Been feeling super miserable and generally flat about life for ages? When you see the Death card it means that old way of being is out and something new is gonna come in. 


A note on Reversals

I read reversals, loads of peeps don't, but I do, so I'll add a little note here on reversals. 

When I see Death reversed it's a major indicator that the person I'm reading for (or myself!) is resisting the change, resisting the end or trying to resuscitate something that is dead.

It very often appears when change is so desperately wanted but there is also a lot of fear energy around that change, which is so totally normal, because change is mega scary! 

But when you know you've got some resistance it's great, it gives you something to think about and work on and once you've cleared your fears and what's holding you in your old stuck energy you can let it all go and move into the new! Wheeee!


I would love to hear your thoughts and interpretations on the Death card in the comments below, over on the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group or if you've pulled it for yourself and are majorly freaking out sometimes it can be super helpful to have someone else take a look at the situation for you. You can book in for a reading with me at the Etsy store or via 

With love, light and easy peasy transitions,