Spiritual Journey

Ten Truths to take on your Spiritual Journey

ten truths to take on the spiritual path blog by Vix from New Age Hipster

The Spiritual Journey is a winding, twisty road. It's not very straight forward at all, and if you decide to embark upon it (or continue forward on it if you are already on it!) you can be really useful to have some tools and truths in your back pocket as you travel.

This is in no way a definitive list, and it's also wise to remember that my truth is not necessarily your truth. Some of these might resonate with you, some might not. That's all good, and a big part of truth number two.

I thought I'd share some of the truths that help me stay on my own path, walking forward with love and light, compassion and kindness in my step (mostly). Maybe some of these will help you too. 


ONE: The spiritual path is not a competition

Spirituality is not a competition. Being "more spiritual" than someone else isn't really a thing, and anyone who says or alludes to the fact that they are more spiritual than someone else is actually probably not really all that spiritual.

There is no hierarchy when it comes to how spiritual you are. 

You are just as much a light being in a human body as everybody else is.

It's totally OK if this doesn't happen to you during meditation. (Source: Giphy) x

It's totally OK if this doesn't happen to you during meditation. (Source: Giphy) x

TWO: everyone is on their own journey

I don't  have all the answers, but I do sure as shizzle know that my path is different from everyone else's. 

Thinking that others should be walking the path you are walking is all kinds of whack. 

Giving people space to have the experiences they choose for themselves is super powerful.

Of course when we see something really dodgy going on, we should always do our best to speak up and out about it, but there are some things we just can't change about other people, and it's not our job to do it anyway.

Using this as a mantra can be super helpful if you're struggling with people who really rub you up the wrong way. You can't change other people, but you can try to change how you see their actions


THREE: Other spiritual paths, religions and belief systems are not "Wrong", and yours is not "right"

Some people won't like this one, and that's OK. But I personally believe that it doesn't matter what God you pray to, what magical path you follow or if you don't even

Your way isn't the right way, it's just the right way for you. 

Someone else's way isn't wrong, it's just wrong for you.

As long as you are trying to be a decent human and do right to other humans, who cares what deities are on your altar?


FOUR: Persecution affects everyone

In my experience (which I get is very different from everyone else's) I was actually victimised because of my spiritual path way more when I was a Christian than I get now that I'm a professional Tarot Reader with my face all over the internet.

Once I had a man in Tesco yell at me because I was wearing a cross. Interestingly, that has never happened when I've worn a pentagram.

Maybe a pentagram is a better protective symbol, but I dunno.

Anyway, the point is, yes, you've probably been persecuted in this life and in others for being a witchy woo woo. But you'd be persecuted in this life no matter what your path was, and you've probably also had past lives in which you've been persecuted for being Jewish, had your throat slit while praying to Jesus at the church altar (just me?). 


FIVE: Embracing the shadow is legit

Some people think Lightworkers don't do shadow work, well some of us do. A lot.

Getting down and dirty with the dark side of yourself can be incredibly enlightening.

Noticing your own shizzle, making changes if you feel you want to, and loving yourself anyway is a pretty quick way towards feeling lighter and shinier. 

Shadowhunting is super fun! :D (Giphy) x

Shadowhunting is super fun! :D (Giphy) x

SIX: a spiritual practice is about more than connecting to the divine

Having a spiritual practice is about more than just offering up cookies to the Fae or pulling some NewAgeHipster InstaOracle cards.

A spiritual practice is about checking in with yourself, checking in on your own energy and making sure you're in the best energetic shape possible to move forward and do the things you need to do.

Mega downloads from your angels and guides are just a bonus.


SEVEN: You are not here to save the whole world

Many Lightworkers, Starseeds and Earth Angels (or whatever you want to call yourself!) feel like they are literally here to save the world.

Well, you are here to save the world, but so are millions of other people.

So you really only have to do your part. Your part is enough.


EIGHT: Abundance is a way of life, not something to just ask for at the Full Moon

I spent a really long time calling in abundance before my guides smacked me over the head like "it's already here Vix, hellooooo?"

Abundant living means living with a grateful heart.

It means asking for what you need, but not going crazy with requests for a million dollars while you ignore the smaller cheques coming through the door.

If you don't feel abundant with what you have and where you're at right now, a million bucks isn't going to change that.


NINE: You can change your karma, path and destiny (mostly)

I love reading Tarot because I feel like we get a little glimpse into possible outcomes and that's kind of fun!

But it's also super empowering to remember that those outcome cards are just possible potentials

You have the power to create your life into whatever you want it to be. (Mostly).


TEN: Standing in your power is not about taking away the power of others

There is a big shift going on right now and we're all becoming way more connected to our own power.

But we also need to hold space for everyone else to stand in their power.

Standing in your power doesn't mean you're standing on top of a mountain above other people. It means looking out at all the other people standing on their own mountains, and thinking how cool it is. It means cheer-leading for the people who are still climbing, and for the people who sometimes fall off.

We're all wearing the same jackets... (Giphy) x

We're all wearing the same jackets... (Giphy) x

So, what do you think of my list? I'd love to know what you think in the comments, and please add your favourite spiritual truths too! :)

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With love, light and loving truths,