New Age Hipster Radio Episode 6 | Spiritual Deep Dives + Cosmic Shifts with Gail Love Schock

New Age Hipster Radio Ep6

It was such an honour to have the glorious Gail Love Schock on the podcast!

If you are ready for some deep diving, cosmic shifting and to really do the spiritual work, you're gonna have to have a listen to this immense chat I had with Gail!

Gail touched on so many things, we talked about old paradigm language and energies that we are shifting out of now, we talked about new ways to re-frame the "empath" conversation, the throat chakra clearing of the entire planet and that was just in the first couple of minutes!

So make yourself a bevvy and get comfy and hang out with us for bit. :)


Gail Love Schock Energy Alchemist, Spiritual Direction and Life Strategist and Interfaith Minister. Gail walks you across the bridge of your now to next, supporting your awakening, transformation and connect back home to yourself. Featured in The Sunday Times Style Edit, New York Post, Psychologies and Women & Home, Gail's down to earth spirituality is making the difference to a new generation of seekers, love leaders and decision makers.

Gail Love Schock