New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 4 | Reconnecting + Unravelling with Lauren Barber

New Age Hipster Radio Ep4 with Lauren Barber

This week on the podcast I have a chat with the glorious Lauren Barber about the challenges of labelling yourself, Saturn returns, anxiety, what it's like to live a life that looks perfect from the outside but feels disconnected from inside, body and womb wisdom, the reclaiming of the self, the unravelling and the re-connection to your own light and power.

So go make yourself a tea, or pop  your headphones on and go for a walk and join us! :D

Lauren is a yoga teacher, priestess, body and womb wisdom teacher + practitioner, mentor, coach, healer, spiritual teacher and level expert at holding space. 


Connect with the glorious Lauren here:

Lauren Barber