Imbolc Tarot Spread for connecting with Brigid

Imbolc tarot spread

Imbolc is an amazing time of the year. It's all about those cold days with just a hint of spring in the air.

The days get slightly longer and the inspiration to get moving on your goals kicks in again.

This spread can be used at Imbolc, or anytime you'd like to connect to the Goddess, The Goddess Brigid, or just reconnect to your own inner flame.

Any cards work with this, double up your tarot or oracle or try out your affirmation cards! Celtic themed cards will give an extra zing! ;)


CARD ONE: An offering to the goddess Brigid

Read this card intuitively. Sometimes an offering is a physical item you can leave out for Brigid, or it may be an offering of a different kind - lighting a candle or incense, an energy exchange of some kind, donating to charity. Go with whatever you get here.


CARD TWO: Darkness to leave behind

As the days become longer the darkness lessens. Just like we release on the full moon, this is a great time to leave something behind. What darkness are you carrying around that you'd like to release as the light comes in?


CARD THREE: A message from the Goddess

A message here from Brigid herself! :O


CARD FOUR: Embracing the fire goddess within

Here you will find a message about connecting with your inner Brigid at this time. What do you need to do to connect to your inner fire, strength, passion and power?


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With so much love, light and hints of spring,