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Soulmates and Twin Flames

Soulmates and twin flames - everything you need to know!

Soulmates and twin flames are one of the serious hot topics amongst us spiritual peeps. Do you have a soulmate out there somewhere? Where's your Twin Flame at?! How come you always meet hotties, think you've found your soulmate, then they turn out to be total creeps?!

I love doing relationship readings. As someone who has been through a hell of a lot of relationship "stuff" I love sharing what I've learned in my own life as well as what's in your cards. One thing a lot of people have in common is that they see relationships as destined. Something that happens to them.

This is how I see it...


<3 Soulmates <3

Hollywood has made us think this: You have one soulmate who you are supposed to meet, marry and live happily ever after with. If you don't find your soulmate your life will be incomplete forever. The end. Credits.

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you meet someone new? You feel like you just know this person already? You have so many feelings when you are around them and then, when you are apart you start thinking about them all. the. time. That feeling doesn't mean you are supposed to be with that person forever. Maybe they were someone you hung out with in Ancient Egypt. Maybe they were your hairdresser in Atlantis. Maybe they played trumpet in that Big Band you always used to go and see in the 1920's.

A soulmate is just someone you've known in another life. Probably someone you at least actually liked, were friends with, related to, or yes, maybe even in a relationship with. Your soul family are the people you actively choose to reincarnate with, whereas soulmates are all the people you knew and had adventures with in previous lifetimes.

If you were going to marry your soulmates you'd have a lot of people to marry. That girl you sit next to at work and giggle with all day? If you meet her again in your next lifetime - she's going to be your 'soulmate'. Your souls will recognise each other and you'll have some kind of connection - it doesn't mean you are fated to be together romantically.

You do not have to marry someone just because they were your milkman in a previous life.


<3 Twin Flames <3

Your twin flame is allegedly the other half of your soul.

Ah, heh? My soul is chopped in half and it's walking around somewhere in another body? Whhhaaaaaat? :-O

Some people totally resonate with this idea, and when they find their twin flame they feel complete and perfect and wonderful. If you do feel like your soul is split in half and your other half is out there somewhere trying to find you then that's totally cool too. We are all on a different journey here, and maybe this is a journey some people have chosen.

For me though, the idea that my soul is anything but whole totally grosses me out. I am a whole soul - a whole person and a I can't even begin to imagine what the other half of my soul would be up to if they were just off walking around the planet somewhere!


<3 Karmic Relationships <3

I think I need to cover these in a whole different post you guys, but the gist is that you find yourself in these totally effed up relationships sometimes to deal with karma from the past. Maybe you were going to get married in 1966 and one of you died. Maybe you were even murdered by this person in a past life. Maybe you've attracted them because of relationship patterns you have been repeating or just because you need to learn some stuff. You are drawn to this person to help you clear that karma - not to re-live it! *This is such a nutshell version, stay tuned for a post about this!


I spent my entire twenties trying to find "the one" and looking for "my soulmate". Even though the thought of twin flames never really resonated with me, the idea that there was a person I was meant to be with was totally reassuring. You know, you're sat at home alone watching some chick flick, imagining some guy out there sat at home alone watching some bad action movie. Maybe he's pigging out on popcorn and ice-cream too!!?

I've met a lot of guys that I thought were my soulmate. Some of them I never even dated. I was that girl that every time I met someone new I'd be squealing - "I think he's the one!!" and obsessing over text messages as my friends rolled their eyes.

When I met my current guy it was way different. It was comfortable, maybe a little bit familiar, but it was easy. And everything just fell into place. No games, no drama, no freaking out about not getting texts, no fights.

What I did was make a conscious choice to be with him. And he made the choice to be with me. Every day we make the choice to stay together. And while I do think that I was supposed to meet him, I think we have the free will choice at any point to stay together or part ways. It's not destiny. It's a choice. Great relationships are simply two people jumping in at the same time and saying - yes, this is what I want. It's when that balance gets messy that things get hard.

So I've chosen him as my soulmate. And I really do think we can do that. You can choose your soulmate in this life. Whether this person has shared lifetimes with you, or is a new soul popping up to teach you, to learn from you. That means you can also choose to leave a relationship that feels like destiny but breaks your heart.

You can choose to spend your life with whoever you want to. Your marriage certificate isn't written in stone before you get here.

So stop looking for your soulmate or twin flame, and start seeking someone who is just right for you right now, your journey and all you want from this life here and now.

<3 Love, light and free will lovers! <3



(PS - y'all know where I am if you fancy a relationship reading!)

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