A weekend in Glastonbury

A weekend in Glastonbury x

You've probably heard of Glastonbury, maybe you've even been on your own spiritual pilgrimage! 

Maybe you're like WHAT IS IT?

Glastonbury is a super magical place, it's known for all sorts of magic. It's said to be the Isle of Avalon, the place where King Arthur and Guinevere used to hang out, and are allegedly buried. Glastonbury is said to be the birthplace of Christianity in the west, the home of the Holy Grail and there are also tales of Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea visiting the Isle Avalon in during Jesus's lost years.

Whatever you do or don't resonate with, Glastonbury is a pretty magical and powerful place, full of mysteries. Me and the BF decided to go see if we could work some of them out.

I'd been to Glastonbury in passing a few years ago, but this was the first time I'd have a chance for a really good potter around. We were only in town for one night and we chose a leisurely weekend over running around trying to do all the things. There is loads more to see than what we did, and if you are coming for a visit and want to see all of it, I'd recommend staying for maybe three nights, or even more, depending on how much time you want to spend.

K, so are you ready to come with me to Glastonbury?? :D

I love a good road trip, and no road trip is as cool as one that LITERALLY drives past Stonehenge! :O

If you watched that, you could probs tell I was a bit excited. We didn't pop in as we'd been pretty recently, but isn't it lovely to drive past? :D

We were super hungry when we arrived, but as soon as we got out the car we saw this! :O

Wytches' Market Glastonbury

Very cool. I mean, we don't even have a crystal shop where I live, let alone something this cool! Glastonbury is definitely the Mecca of Witchy Woo in the UK.

So then we went to find food and we found the Rainbow's End cafe which is veggie and voted number 1 for food on Trip Advisor.

Rainbow's End Cafe Glastonbury

It did not disappoint! The plate was basically overflowing and probably could have fed three people. I had a roasted veggie and stilton crumble, garlic potatoes, Greek salad and potato salad! OMG it was soooo good but I was pretty stuffed afterwards!

So we decided to walk it off and go up the Tor!

Glastonbury Tor

The BF wanted to go up the quick steep way but I'm actually kind of lazy, so I suggested we go up the longer but less steep way, it wasn't actually that steep in the end.

Glastonbury Tor

It was a pretty grey day and we were thinking it was about to rain the whole time, but it didn't! Hoorah!

The Tor is an interesting place with an incredible history (Google it!). It has a strong powerful masculine and air energy (or was it just super windy?).

I sat and meditated for a few minutes and I just felt majorly grounded, like nothing, no one was going to be able to knock me down.

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

The view from the Tor is glorious!

Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

One of my favourite traditions in this part of the world is giving offerings in the form of ribbons on trees.

There are all sorts of reasons this is done; an offering to the spirits of the trees, the Fae, the Gods, the land, the ancestors, a prayer, a wish. I added my ribbon, said a few words and then we trudged back down the country lanes back into town.

Glastonbury Tor
Starchild Glastonbury

You can't go to Glastonbury without popping into the Starchild Glastonbury shop.

It's like an olde worlde apothecary full of oils, herbs and magical tools. I picked up a White Poplar Tree Perfume, a bottle of the Chalice Space Aroma (I adore their space aromas!!) and a frothy white and pink candle. 

Time sure flies when you're shopping for magical goodies, and before we knew it, it was time for dinner.

We strolled around the town looking for a place for a drink and ended up in the George and Pilgrim which is probably one of the most legit English pubs I've ever been in.

Glastonbury alley

We went out for a fancy pizza and beer at the local Italian place GiGis.

It was was like being in a 1980's time warp and suited me just fine thanks very much!

Labyrinth books Glastonbury

Book shopping before breakfast?! And the whole book shop is full of spiritual books? This is my kind of weekend away! :D

Labyrinth Books is awesomesauce.


And the Hundred Monekys cafe literally has awesomesauce (organic brown sauce!).

We grabbed the veggie breakfast, but they also have vegan options too. In fact the whole of Glastonbury is fairly accommodating for veggies and vegans which always makes life a little easier when weekending away!

Speaking Tree Glastonbury

Book shopping straight after breakfast? I could get used to this! :D

Speaking Tree Books Glastonbury

If you check out Speaking Tree Books don't miss the second floor! It's chock full of spiritual books too!

Chalice Well Glastonbury

We decided to spend Sunday morning at the Chalice Well Gardens, and it was life. 

Chalice Well Glastonbury

Peeps have been coming to this well for it's healing properties for thousands of years...

Chalice Well Glastonbury

The energy of the divine mother is strong here.

The whole time I was there I felt so held, safe and strong and loved. It was Like a powerful peace washing over me.

Glastonbury Chalice Well
Chalice Well Glastonbury

I filled two bottles to take home and use for magic making, potions, ritual baths and it does great things to my crystals too!

Sadly we had to get back on the road and head home, but with my heart full of divine love and my pockets full of crystals I know I'm never far from Glastonbury or the energy that runs through it's streets and hills in this magical place.

With so much love and light,



For more info on the goodies I picked up, check out my Glastonbury faves vid below!

Spring Equinox Tarot or Oracle Spread

Spring Equinox Spread for Tarot or Oracle

I don't know about you guys, but that winter felt really loooooong! I've totally hibernated. I've been working my butt off, reading a bunch of spiritual and YA books, watching way too many episodes of Heartland and generally being pretty boring.

But now that Spring is here I'm feeling the buzz, like all those seeds sown bloody ages ago are finally turning into plants and I totally feel like I'm coming back to life! 

So I made this super cute spread for y'all in the shape of a flower (obvs) so you can see your efforts turning into pretty petals and hack off anything that's stopping you from blooming!

For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere you might wanna come back to this in like, six months...

Or, feel free to do this spread any time you feel like you could use some rejuvenation

As always, use whatever cards resonate with you and if you do share this spread on social media just hashtag #newagehipster so I can find you! :D 

I used the Fountain Tarot and the Magical Messages from the Fairies deck as an example reading for you, because hello, it's Spring and that's Fairy new year! :P



You roots are holding the magic of the seeds you've sown over the past few months or even the last few years. 

This card also lets you know what is grounding you right now in your life.

I pulled Debt Paid Off and The Sun!

All that hard work I put in over the winter is finally paying off and it's time to switch up grounding myself in hard work and books with grounding myself in joy and nature walks!



You are a super strong being of light, and this spring you are holding your own again! 

This card lets you know where you can draw strength from and also reminds you of your own strengths that may have been dormant lately.

I pulled Dietary Change and the Hanged Man.

Just looking at this guy with his pretty sleek physique is making me think this is all about exercise and eating better!  Spring is an awesome time to shift up and change your eating habits and get back to those dance classes!



This little bud isn't opening yet, but it will! This is a sort of "potential future" for your Spring!

I pulled Prefect Timing and Queen of Coins reversed.

A message that I have the potential to step more fully into my Queen of Coins this season, but there's some other lessons and blessings to move through first. 



This bud is budding! Not yet totally open, but we're nearly there!

I pulled Good-bye to the Old, Hello to the New and Strength reversed. Time to call on some inner strength to help get me through this transition from old sleepy winter Vix to new sparkly spring Vix! 



Whoop! So here's something that is already blossoming in your life!

I got Get Some Exercise (LOL!) and Six of Coins reversed. For me this is like my journey of switching my focus to my body and spirit instead of my possessions! Sure I still wanna get paid, but focus has switched for me from material stuff to health and wellbeing. 



OK, so you can really only get some awesome growth happening if you do some pruning too. Spring is an awesome time to prune away any old branches, clearing out the closet and laying to rest some old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

I pulled Pregnancy and Page of Swords reversed. What's up with all these reversed cards huh??

I have a lot of projects that are unfinished. This feels like a kick in the pants to get them birthed by the Summer. Also that Page of Swords is reminding me so much that I need to clear my energy better. Thanks man. 



What else are you pruning??

I got Your Desire Is Within Reach and The Devil reversed.

Here's a card I actually love seeing reversed! LOL! This for me is like releasing old anxiety and stress. Keeping the faith and throwing away the doubt, and finally freeing myself of some of the old thoughts and beliefs that keep me stuck sometimes.



Here's your big bloom! What is really working in your life, what's coming up roses for you this season?

I got Patience (REALLY??) and The Emperor. 

This is all like staying in my power, invoking my inner CEO and getting a bit better at some of the right brained biz stuff, but also a reminder that this stuff takes time. Being present, enjoying each day and finding that balance between doing the work and being in flow. 


I would love to see your spreads if you wanna share! You can share by either tagging me on Instagram, hashtagging #newagehipster on Twitter or Facebook or coming to hang out in the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group or Tarot Nerds

With love, light and blooming springs!



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Vicious gossip + white light - The weekly Reading Jan 19 - 24 2015

Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle - Lucy Cavendish and Selina Fenech
Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle - Lucy Cavendish and Selina Fenech

I just had to use my newest deck for the weekly reading this week. I've been loooooving it with my whole heart! It's the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and Selina Fenech and if you like it, you can get it (AND SHOULD GET IT!) by clicking here. Also, check out that killer review on Wordery! I freaking LOVE Wordery!

Anyway! Here are your Faery messages for this week...

Start of the week - Silver Sisters

This card is all about gossip and negative energy. It could be that others are throwing their negative vibes at you and you need to protect yourself from it, or it could be that you have thrown some daggers and nasty words around about others. This is bad, and I know it's hard because some people seriously are dicks and they piss you off and so you need to vent. But make sure your venting doesn't throw negative energy at that person. It's OK to say to a friend - it made me feel really mad when this person did [whatever]. It's not OK to go on a total bitch-fest. Raise your vibration and stop bitching. If you are in a seriously negative environment and just can't see how that's even possible - get out of it.

If you need protection from this kind of negativity try imagining yourself in a pink (or colour of your choice) bubble. Clear yourself with white light and ask your Angels, Faeries and Guides to clear you and keep you safe from other people's negativity. You can also wear crystals - especially dark colours like black tourmaline or obsidian.

Middle of the week - The Grail Faery

The new moon on Tuesday night is going to bring us into a re-set vibe. You can read more about this coming new moon on Gala Darling's blog. This Faery is telling us a similar story. We need to check in with our new years resolutions or 2015 goals or wishes. Are you on the same path you were on at the start of this year? Do you need to amp it up and put in some extra effort? Do you need to totally get back on course? Do you just need to re-affirm your commitment to making 2015 your best year EVER?! Time to make yourself accountable. Let go of procrastination and any shit that's weighing you down and get back on track!

If you wanna work on your goals you need this book. If you are feeling like - OMG WTF am I doing with my 2015 and my life?! have a think about getting one of the last remaining 2015 readings!

End of the week - The Unicorn and the Maiden

Woah, what a powerful card. This is all about humans and animals coming together to work together to create peace on this planet. What do you need to do in your life to create a better planet? Recycle, stop buying crazy packaged fruit or veg when you could buy it loose. Pat and love animals instead of wearing them as fancy outfits. Buy the 'safe' versions of cleaning products. OK, this isn't always totally practical, but do your best. Do what you can.

Every night before you go to sleep imagine planet Earth, like how it looks from space. Imagine white light surrounding the planet - creating peace. Imagine if we all did that.

If you need any more tips and tricks on how to protect yourself energetically or if you want to share your tools and thoughts please come by Facebookand hang out! If you'd like a reading with me check out my Readingspage and if you want to see these cards up close and personal follow me on Instagram!

Here's to a totally awesome week! :-)

<3 Love, light and Unicorn pats <3