New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 18 | Service Work for Lightworkers

New Age Hipster Radio Episode 18

This one is a big ole’ solo rambly ramble on what it means to be of service, so make sure you’ve got a nice cuppa or are off for a long walk while you listen!

I chat about what I personally think service work is, what happens when we ask to be of service, how to find some perspective when you’re in a place you don’t want to be and how to look after your own energy and create some loving boundaries so that you can be of service in the best possible way.

I also talk about discernment, saying no, saying yes and looking after yourself when you’re looking after everyone else too.

I hope this serves you and helps you get some perspective on your own service work!

If you want to do some more work on this stuff you can work with me or head to the shop!

And come hang out in the Spiritual Journey Pitstop to chat all things service and whatever else is coming up for you on your path.

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 17 | Comparison Free Living with Lucy Sheridan

Lucy Sheridan New Age Hipster Radio

It was such a joy to have Lucy Sheridan, the Queen of Busting Comparison on the show this week! Lucy is a Comparison Coach, a speaker and teacher, brand + business mentor and her work has helped me shift a lot of my comparison stuff over the years!

Lucy’s work is helping so many of us to navigate through the comparison stuff that comes up via social media as well as in work and business and personal relationships.

Lucy’s is all about empowering us to see comparison as a teacher, an opportunity to look at our own dreams and goals, to check in with ourselves and to make choices that are in alignment with who we really are and what we really want for our lives.

In this convo we dive deep into all things comparison, social media, business, self worth and how to take back your power and feel good about your feeds!

So pour yourself a cuppa and come hang with us!

Connect with Lucy here:

Lucy’s Website

Lucy’s Instagram

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 16 | Empaths, Energetic Boundaries + The Collective Consciousness

New Age Hipster Radio Episode 16

Come settle in for a virtual cuppa while we talk all things being an empath or a sensitive soul, energy vampires, energy protection, boundaries, tuning into the collective consciousness and social media detoxes!

Don't forget to come check out the Spiritual Journey Pitstop group to continue the conversation!

From the   Work Your Light Oracle   deck

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 15 | Living a magical life in alignment + trust with Emma Smallbone

Emma Smallbone New Age Hipster Radio

OK, you do NOT want to miss this amazing convo with the incredible Seer, Empath, Intuitive Counsellor, entrepreneur and general magical being of light and love - Emma Smallbone.

In this episode we take a big deep dive into trusting our journey and living a beautiful joy filled life grounded in trust.

We talk about manifesting from our heart and soul, navigating through the challenges of this world, being of service and there are just so many nuggets of truth I just can't even! You're just gonna have to listen!


Connect with Emma here:

Emma's Website

Emma's Facebook

Emma Smallbone

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 14 | Social Media for a New Age with Katie Brockhurst

Social Media for a New Age with Katie Brockhurst

Katie Brockhurst, also known as the Social Media Angel, is a consultant, coach and content creator and works with high profile and high vibe clients to rock their social media. 

Katie's work is a breath of fresh air, and if you've ever been exasperated when it comes to all the "shoulds" around using social media to get your message out there, you're gonna love this episode!

we talked all things social media, how to share content from your heart and soul and we touch on some of the other challenges of running a soul-led business in the technological age!

Katie's new book Social Media for a New Age is out now and well worth picking up, especially if you are running a spiritual or heart centred business! Grab it here!


To connect with Katie:

Katie's Instagram

Katie's Facebook Group

Social Media for a New Age



New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 13 | Loneliness, Friendships + Relationships on the Spiritual Path

New Age Hipster Radio Ep 13

This one is a solo ramble on loneliness, isolation and relationships when you're on the spiritual path.

I share some tips on how to deal when you have people in your life who just don't get it and even those people who are actually kind hateful about it.

I also talk about how to connect with your soul fam via Instagram, social media and Facebook Groups.

This convo might also be for you if you've been finding a lot of old friends falling away, people who've ghosted you and the void that sometimes exists between your old friends and your new.


Places to come hang out if you're looking for your soul peeps:

Spiritual Journey Pitstop Group

The Circle


And here's a pic taken a few weeks ago with the glorious Hannah Wallace + Lauren Barber, a couple of soul sisters I met online! x

Vix Maxwell, Hannah Wallace + Lauren Barber x

New Age Hipster Radio | Episode 12 | mediumship + Messages from Spirit with Carrie Stiers

New Age Hipster Radio Episode 12

It was SO much fun to talk with the glorious Carrie Stiers on the podcast recently! 

Carrie is an internationally known Psychic-Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, and Astrologer who delivers messages and intuitive guidance to her clients from their Angels, Spirit Guides and Deceased Loved Ones in Spirit. 

I have been a massive fan of Carrie's for a while now, I especially love her Instagram stories which give a quick energy/astro update for the day, they always feel spot on for me!

We had an awesome chat about what it means to be a medium, a psychic and/or intuitive, a clairvoyant and how to open up and connect to our loved ones in spirit.

Carrie is a beautiful spirit and heart led soul and I feel so blessed to have her connected with her on the show! Be sure to check out her work and connect with her via the links below.


To connect with Carrie:

Carrie's Website

Carrie's Instagram

Carrie Stiers

Intuitive Tarot Reading for July 2018

Woowooooo! Big awakening energy moving through this month y'all!

Intuition is also gonna be heightened too!

Make sure you are listening to your guidance, taking action and looking after your own energy big time this month so you can really make the most of these high vibes coming in!

It's got the potential to be a powerful month with lots of shifts! Stay grounded!

If you wanna come join us in The Circle this month we're starting our journey through the elements! It's gonna be mega!

With love, light and awakening,



Birthday Tarot Spread

Birthday Tarot Spread

It's my birthday tomorrow! Wahooo!

Birthdays are such important celebrations.

It's a chance to look at how far you've come, what you've achieved and learned and how much you've grown into the amazing person you are!

It's also a brilliant opportunity to celebrate yourself, your life, everything you have and everything you are.

And of course, most birthdays don't go by without some kind of pondering on where you're heading next.

On your birthday take some time to honour your journey with this tarot spread. I'll be doing it for myself tomorrow and then I'll be heading into Camden, London for dirty vegan burgers, beers and vintage shopping! :D

PS - if it's not actually your birthday, it's still OK to do this reading, especially if you feel like you need a bit of a check in! x


1. Birthday message from your ancestors/passed over loved ones

Your ancestors and loved ones in spirit are always with you big time on your birthday. This card will be a message from them.

2. Lessons learned in the last year

Birthdays are an important time to take stock, to notice how much you've learned and grown.

3. What has been healed and released

We often hang onto things via an energetic imprint long after they have been healed and cleared. What can you finally let go of today?

4. Missions accomplished

What part of your life purpose can you tick off today?

5. Theme of this year

Moving into this next year, this card can give you an idea of some of the energy you'll be working with and focused on.

6. Guides/energies to call in and work with

New guides may appear for you today, or old guides might want to step forward. See who/what would be good for you to call in here.

7. How to honour and celebrate yourself today

Today is all about celebrating your life! This card will give you some ideas on how to do that.

8. Mission for this year

Your mission as you move ahead into the next 12 months...

9. How to accomplish this mission

And here you'll find some advice and support on how to move forward on the next part of your mission!


With so much love and light,




If you dig this spread you might like to check out Tarot Spreads You Can't Live Without. It's totally free!

Tarot Spreads You Can't Live Without New Age Hipster

Intuitive Reading for June 2018

All the intuitive goss for the month of June has landed!

This month has the potential to be a pretty big one.

Our guides are majorly kicking our butts about a few things, but if they don't, we're never gonna get where we need to go!

Watch the YouTube video or listen via audio! 

These are now gonna be hitting the podcast too, so you can always go listen via iTunes if that's more your jam!

This month in The Circle we are gonna be diving into the topic of Self Care. Click here for more info.

And if you wanna work with me this month you can get all the deets here.

May your June be full of magic and getting shiz done!

With so much love and light,