21 Ways to Raise your Vibration!

There’s a lot of heaviness out there in the cosmos just now and it’s super hard work staying high vibe when all you feel like doing is crying at the news coverage and hiding under the doona for the rest of the week.

I think it’s super important to be informed and to do what you can, but there’s also a point where we need to stop feeling emo and sorry for ourselves and start shining our lights again. Even brighter than before! 

It sounds shit I know. Why should we feel amazing about our lives when there is so much bad stuff happening? But the more of us that are on this planet with a high vibe, the better it is for everyone. Crying into a pizza and not getting your blog post done helps no one. 

You might not be able to physically do much at times, but by staying high vibe and doing all the stuff your soul came here to do, you are making a huge difference.

Never underestimate the impact your high vibe has on this planet!

Keep one eye on the news, keep signing petitions to change things, donate money to good causes when you can, be kind as much as poss to as many as you can and take whatever other action feels good and right to you right now. 

And when you're all good deed-ed out, try these:



Sometimes all you can do is breathe. Breathing is awesome. We all breathe so high up these days, bring it doooooown. Breath with me now. Breathe in, keep breathing, keep breathing in, keep breathing in, now hold it for a second at the top, hold it, hold it! Now let it out. Ah, don't you feel so much better? :D



Nobody ever stayed low-vibe at a sing-a-long. Even if you're too cool to actually sing a long, you can't help but be raised up by singing voices!



OK, this isn't a musical, but musicals are pretty high vibe. How about you dance to something like this



Animals love pats... mostly. Find one and cuddle it. If it doesn't want to be cuddled don't be offended, just sit near it and soak up it's awesomeness. Cats are best for this. :D



Hug someone. If you don't have anyone to hug, hug a tree, or ask your angels to swoop down for one



It's just awesome. 



Binge on your favourite TV show or movie. Watch anything that raises your vibe. I like Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Back to the Future, Xanadu, Pretty in Pink and Twilight. :D 



OMG cranking your fave tracks never fails to raise the vibe. Make yourself a high vibration playlist on Spotify (or wherever!) and add ONLY songs that make you freak out with funness.



Literally smell something amazing. I like burning oils in my oil burner thingy. Maybe you wanna get some real life flowers or wear your favourite perfume even on a night in alone!



Wear clothes that make you feel high vibe. Stay away from too many darks emo colours. Everyone loves their black skinny jeans, but can we team them with some sequins perhaps? Sequins everywhere! :D 



Find a guided meditation that will help you raise your vibe - I love Diana Cooper + Doreen Virtue for high vibe meditations, but you can use anything! Even just listening to some chill out music and closing your eyes will do the trick!



Even if you're on the tube right now and will look like a total dick. Do it anyway! :D 



I mean come on. It's pizza. If you don't do pizza, whatever your personal pizza is. 


The Beach

The beach is a great place to get high vibe. If you can't literally go, visualise your happy place



Pop on some fairy lights and you'll wonder how you could ever be sad again.



Corny one, but yes, reading something inspiring or fun will totally raise your vibe. I highly recommend Sweet Valley High, Baby Sitter's Club and my novel 1983 (once it's out! #manifest!).


Phone a Friend

Call someone for a chit chat. No Facebook chats here folks, make it the real deal, where you actually talk. On a phone. Remember when before the internet or mobile phones??! :-O



Urgh, like that's high vibe? Well, your vibe will be a lot higher once you're done! You know it's true. #SorryNotSorry



Journal out your thoughts, write about stuff, write letters to Angels, write letters to those passed over loved ones, write about your past and send messages to your future!



Go for a walk outside. If it's raining or freezing go anyway! :D



Yoga is always good, but you'd be amazed at how high you can get from 80's workouts. You'll be sore for days, but it's fun! 


And then have a bonus one of an early night! You've deserved it after all that fun and vibe raising! Phew! :D

With love, light and high vibes,