I worked with Fairies before they were cool - Ten Ways to Connect with the Fae

10/18 UPDATE: I wrote this post a few years ago when I was just starting out working with the Fae and sharing my personal experiences of connecting with their energy. When working with the Fae it is important to use discernment and only connect with the energies that you personally feel are right for you to connect with. If you are at all unsure, it’s always best to leave it alone and work with the energies you feel safe with. I don’t say that to put you off working with Fae beings, because connecting with them can be wonderful, but just like with humans, some have agendas and different reasons for wanting to connect. If in doubt stick to your angels and spirit guides. Be safe and always only connect with beings that are from the highest realms of love, light, truth, compassion and peace.

Connecting with the Fairies and the Elementals is actually pretty easy if you really want to do it.

I find Elemental energy much more down to earth (LOL) than other energies, and when I'm hanging out with these guys it's like I'm talking to someone on my own level. When I'm talking to Angels I'm sort of like totally in awe of their magnificence.

If the Angels were dining at The Ritz, the Fairies would be eating pizza and drinking beer in front of Netflix

Fairies have a bit of a bad rep, and even though most people are cool with the whole new-age, crystal, unicorn, angel thing, peeps are still pretty freaked out if you say you believe in fairies and think they live in the bottom of your garden. Dunno why.

I've pretty much always believed in fairies and have been connecting with them in a deeper way for a few years now. I'm super excited to have just become a Certified Fairyologist! YAY!

To celebrate I'm offering discount Meet the Fae readings on my Etsy store, so check those out if you wanna start hanging out with the Fairies!

I totally think the Elementals are back and going to start working with us in a huge way (I think Jesus is back too, but that's a different post)  so if you wanna be able to say "I worked with Fairies before they were cool" keep reading for a bunch of tips on how to get started!


Be nice to animals and the environment

If you're a jerk to animals Fairies won't wanna hang with you. Neither will I.

When you see animals out and about be nice to them.

Say hello to kitty cats, smile at dogs who walk past you and wave at horses and ponies from the train.

You don't have to wave really, you can send them good vibes if you don't want to look too freaky, especially if you're commuting. Oh yeah, and also try to be nice to other people, they are animals too.

Oh and don't litter. Or as we say in Australia - don't be a tosser.

A seriously cute pony I had a chat with while walking to the shops the other day! x

A seriously cute pony I had a chat with while walking to the shops the other day! x

Recycle + Consider your waste

Seriously, recycling is so easy these days. There are no reasons not to put your plastic in the right bin.

If you're out and you have a plastic bottle and there's no recycling bin, you get extra brownie points (ha, lol!) if you take it with you until you see one

I also try really hard to say no to plastic bags and buy single potatoes instead of packed up ones. Just notice where you can be a little more aware of how you purchase stuff.


Hang out in nature

If you really wanna hang out with Elementals you have to go outside. They do come inside too, but walking through a woods or a park or going to the beach makes it easier to connect. When you're there say hi. I'm always walking around talking under my breath to the fairies and the trees. It's super fun!

You can talk to them about anything at all, but asking them how you can help is always a good place to start.


Give them gifts and offerings

Please don't give them gifts because you want something in return.

Seriously, working with the fairies is not about what you can get, it's about helping them and the planet.

Ask them what they want and see what ideas pop into your head. Generally they like treats and shiny things, but do consider the environmental impact of anything you leave out for them. 


Ask them for help with manifesting

But not manifesting what you want.

Ask them for help with manifesting what the Earth wants.

They will help you with stuff you need, but first ask them what the planet needs. 


Be pure of heart

OK, this is actually a pretty hard one. As humans our hearts are often totally messed up. 

But it comes down to stuff like not leaving out cookies because you want something. Leave cookies out for Fairies simply because you want to.

Connect with your inner child. Kids don't really ask fairies for stuff, they just hang out with them because they are so fun.

Be more like that!

Never grow up. Be 30-something and collect Zelfs. x

Never grow up. Be 30-something and collect Zelfs. x


Be silly

This is one of the best ways to attract Elementals into your life. Not all of them are silly, but a lot of them are!

They love to goof around and giggle and play tricks on folks.

If you do those things too they'll see you as a kindred spirit and gravitate towards you. Don't play mean tricks on people though!


Enjoy your life

Most of the Elementals are pretty big partiers.

They love to finish off their day of hard work with a bevvy, a boogie and a slap up dinner.

So pop on some fun music, crack open a beer, open up your windows and doors and ask them if they wanna join you! 


Accept assignments

The fairies sometimes give you little assignments (like this blog post! LOL!).

If you do the assignments you'll find your connection with them will improve loads.

The more assignments you do the clearer your next assignment will be! Haha! Your assignments will come to you as ideas and thoughts, especially related to looking after the environment and animals!


Have fairy images and objects around

I'm a huge fan of Zelfs because I think they are just so Elemental! I just keep them around on my desk and various other places.

I also have a fairy on my window looking out at the woods, just so the fairies know I'm cool. 

The international symbol for Fairy allies live here. x

The international symbol for Fairy allies live here. x


Learn about Fairies

Read about Fairies, take some courses, get a Fairy reading, or go sit in nature and ask them to teach you directly!

Explore the myths and legends, read about what others believe, and then discover your own truth and connection with these incredible beings!

The Fae need us now more than ever. Whether you believe they are little people singing sea shanties down by the river, or maybe you just believe in the spirit of nature, this Earth needs our respect and our love if we're gonna keep being able to incarnate here!


I would love to know how you connect with the Elementals and hear your Fairy stories too! Come by the Spiritual Journey Pitstop or post in the comments below to share how you work with the Fae!

With so much love, light and Fairy blessings,