Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Fab Giovanetti

Fab Giovanetti is a business strategiest, certified health coach and founder of the super amazing Health Bloggers Community and Health Blog Awards. If you're into health blogging, or even woo woo blogging you're going to want to check her out! Oh, and check out the latest issue of the HBC magazine out today too! 

Not only is she a super big deal in the blogging world, she's also a super high vibe soul with a twinkle in her eye and she's a great hugger too! So I was of course totally thrilled when she said she wanted to stop by for some pizza and secretly hoped she'd bring some raw cookies with cashew cream filling! :D


OMG I'm so excited to have you here at my party, how excited are you?!

Oh My, my socks are literally blown away, I am actually trying to catch them before they shoot off!


What kind of music are we going to have at the pyjama party?

We urge to have a PJ playlist - which is my speciality, as you can tell. I’d go for Brit pop, followed by some Classic Rock from the 80s (you know, glam rock, Kiss, Bon Jovi) followed by some Madonna rounding up with some queen B for all the single ladies.


Sounds perfect! :D

I'm going to wear my Hello Kitty PJs, what pyjamas are you going to wear?

My unicorn onesie. ‘Nuff said.


What fun make up or beauty products are in your overnight bag?

Coconut oil, of course. We can use it for our skin, hair, make-up remover, for our face, body…*pour coconut oil over life* Uh, and Lush bath bombs - because they are sparkly and look like rainbows (which is what PJs are about, right?)


Lush bath bombs forever!!

Who does your hair?

Nobody can braid my hair anymore, but I’ll let you dye it of all the colours you want, if that’s a fetish of yours *wink*


LOL! OK, I'm thinking Blueberry?! 

And what hairstyle would you have if you could have anything? (I'd totally have an 80's perm!)

I actually do like my hairstyle, maybe a bit more platinum - you can ALWAYS go more platinum!


Where do you get all those cute outfits you’re always wearing?

You mean my endless collection of activewear, or my oh-so-original array of black clothes? AH!


Hey, I think they're cute!

So like, how do you make money to pay for those cool pyjamas and all your awesome clothes and make up and stuff?

I have a community of awesome bloggers who I help daily via a magazine, online courses and live events - as well as getting them in touch with the best up and coming brands in town. I also set up Awards, to be precise, That Protein & HBC Health Blog Awards - unfortunately they are not celebrating me as much as the bloggers - that wold be a bit too pretentious, wouldn’t it?


How did you get that job?

By starting endless businesses, trying plenty of options, and listening carefully to what people wanted! It is a fun ride, but I am more than happy to ride along *innuendo*.


What fun stuff do you like doing on school nights?

Watching Netflix - ahem, binge watching - reading books (fiction is a big passion of mine), making chocolate, going out with the girls, drawing. Basically, I am still 15.


I am still 15 also! LOL!

How about on the weekend?

I like to chill, have brunch. squish in a workout or two, walk a lot (everywhere), lie in (ahem, 8 o-clock counts, right?) and go to amazing events with my babes.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Inspiration for others and for myself, someone who can gather hundreds of people and let them be their authentic selves. Uh, and of course I want to become a little strong beefcake.


I'm getting hungry, what's your favourite pyjama party food and beverages?

Peanut Butter. Literally everywhere. On everything. Drink-wise, I can go either for a Virgin Mary (who thought I could fall in love with tomato juice?) or a good, old G&T.


Favourite pizza topping?

I am Italian, so I like it simple: garlic, tomato, anchovies and rosemary. Give me pineapple and ham, and you are dead to me.


*Puts pineapple away*

What movies and TV shows are we going to watch?

I would love to watch an horror movie, but probably you’d kick me out straight away! So bring it on Buffy, Dr. Who, and Firefly.


Do you have a favourite teen movie?!

Breakfast Club. Always.


Breakfast Club forever! 

OMG what was that noise?! :O Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

Yup, but no worries…I know who we’re going to call *ghostbusters*


Have you ever had any other cool paranormal encounters?

No, but I do see angel numbers (aka repeating numbers) all the time. I am an empath, so I do attract all sort of crazy stuff!


Me too babe, Me too...

What do you think happens when we die?

Karma, life has no end, and I do believe our souls are there to support who comes next.


Who do you think you were in a past life?

Someone who really struggled finding their own identity, and was looking for themselves in others. Potentially a fairy, too.


Oh I so see you as a fairy!

What time do you usually go to bed?

Between ten and eleven - what a granny.


I got at like, 9! LOL!

What should we do tomorrow?



Who's your girl crush?!

Ruby Rose - I even have the same haircut!


Because you are so girl-crush-worthy probably lots of other girls and boys are going to want you at their pyjama parties too. How can they find you?!

Hey you, stranger! Come and join me at where you can find plenty more of this whole shenanigan, as well as crazy tips, tools and support through the Gimme a shout on Instagram or Twitter at @fabgiovanetti for some serious dance moves too!


Fab it's been unreal having you over! Please come back anytime! :D (and bring more of those cookies!)

With love and light!