Throwing Light on The Three of Swords

What's a lightworker to do when faced with the Three of Swords in a reading? :O

It came up this week in the Weekly Reading and so I got to thinking about how it can make us a little freaked out.

Death, the Tower and this guy are probably the last cards I want to see in a reading, honestly.

But I do really think people freak out way more about the Three of Swords than they need to

I'll admit, three swords sticking through a heart does look pretty bad. But let's throw some light on this heart-breaker and have a look at what else this card can mean when it gets turned over in your reading. #NoMoreFreakOuts! x



One of my favourite ways to look at this card is that it's about healing.

I read reversals and so reversed it's even more healing - the swords are coming out! Wheee!

But even upright there is a lot of healing energy in this card.

You've been hurt, we can see that. But ask any human being on the planet if they've ever been hurt and guess what? We've all had a few (or more!) Three of Swords moments in our lives.

Not everyone opens up their heart to healing however, but you will, and you'll be back to yourself in no time because of it. 

Let your heart take some time for healing.

It's a great excuse to watch a lot of Adam Sandler rom coms and eat stupid amounts of ice-cream. See? Suddenly already not so bad!



You know how you read those stories about someone who got a metal pole stuck through their body, but they walked around for ages and seemed totally fine (OK, definitely not "fine", but you know, they were able to function) before they got it out?

Seeing the swords in there is almost like hey you, you're actually going through this incredibly difficult thing, but you're sitting here doing a reading, or getting your cards read.

You're totally coping, and that's pretty incredible.


Power + Strength

You've got swords in your heart and you're still getting on with your life.

Holy woah, you're a powerful and strong being!

Honestly, a lot of people are the Nine of Swords at this point.

You're stronger than you think you are you know.

The Three of Swords chic from the Starchild Tarot is totally rocking her own power! x

The Three of Swords chic from the Starchild Tarot is totally rocking her own power! x


Feeling your feelings

My good friend Louise Androlia is always talking about how we need to feel our feelings. She's so totally right of course (because she always is).

When you pull the Three of Swords it's totally OK to flip out like - OMG I'm STABBED IN THE HEEEARRRRRT!

Ball your eyes out, throw stuff, get really drunk and do stupid dance moves and flirt with really inappropriate men (don't go  home with them though), go watch Heartland (honestly can't stop obsessing over Heartland #SorryNotSorry) and do whatever else you need to do.

Feel that shit. Really feel it and don't censor your feelings. 

You'll feel so much better when you do. 


Self Love + Self Care

Too often this card isn't about heartbreak at all, but about you not looking after yourself.

Stress, anxiety, guilt, it's not good for your heart honey.

When you see this card take it as a sign to look after yourself and your energy.

Ask yourself when you see it "what do I really need right now?" Make sure you follow the guidance you get. 

Remember treating yourself mean doesn't keep anyone keen


Remember what comes next

In numbers, four comes after three, and in Tarot the Four of Swords comes after the Three of Swords.

The Four of Swords is all about taking a rest and chilling out and making time for yourself.

Sleeping in, having a duvet day. Letting go of guilt and remembering you're awesome so it's OK to give yourself a break.

There's no reason at all why you can't start bringing that energy in right now!

This is my favourite Four of Swords AKA Duvet Day from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg x

This is my favourite Four of Swords AKA Duvet Day from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg x


So next time the Three of Swords comes up, instead of freaking out, give yourself a great big hug. Remember you're awesome for getting through your stuff and then reach for the ice-cream, get comfy on the couch and do what you gotta do. 


With love, light and heart healing vibes!