Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper is one of my favourite spiritual teachers on the planet right now and a New Age Hipster way ahead of her time (or are we just way behind?)!

I've read a bunch of her books on Angels and Ascension, meditated to her guided meditations and had the immense pleasure and joy seeing her speak and lead us through spiritual exercises for Ascension at the I Can Do It conference last year in London and so when she said she was popping over for a PJ party I nearly jumped out of my sleeping bag!

Diana's energy is so high vibe that you could easily be mistaken for thinking that in her presence you've walked into some kind of Atlantean Healing Temple (or maybe that's just where you recognise her from)!

If you want to find out more about Diana's work and learn How The Angels Can Help You be sure to check out her new online course which is only a tenner right now, and worth so, so much more. I'm signed up and absolutely loving it! 

OK! Now on with the partay! :D


What kind of music should we have at this party?

I’m of the Buddy Holly era and I still love that music. It gets everyone moving!


What favourite make up or beauty products are in your overnight bag?

You should really be asking my 13 year old granddaughter. She is the make up queen. I always have moisturiser, then Lancome foundation and powder and blusher. I put my eyeshadow on with my finger which apparently is terrible. I was told by a Lancome assistant that their products were never tested on animals, but according to the internet the ingredients are tested on animals but not the end product. I think that’s a cop out. So I will be replacing my make up with Lush or another make that definitely does not test any part of their product on animals.


i agree, it's so important to know where our beauty products are coming from, start to finish.

Who does your hair?

I go to a hairdresser’s home because I can take my dog.


And what hairstyle would you have if you could have anything (I'd have a big poodle perm!)?

Oh cool, long blonde straight hair that never needed any attention. Unfortunately that would look terrible on me!


Where do you get all those amazing outfits you’re always wearing?

If I see a colourful top I run in and buy it!


How do you make money to pay for all these things? What’s your job?

I write books about all sorts of spiritual subjects and record CD’s so I receive royalties and I give seminars all over the world. I also have an angel correspondence course and some short on line video courses.


How did you get that job?

After an angel visitation I trained to be a hypnotherapist and set up in practice. Because I worked with angels and guides I attracted people they could connect with. So my work (or joy as I prefer to think of it) evolved from one to one, to groups, to workshops to international seminars and conferences. It has progressed over thirty years one step at a time.


What fun things do you like doing on school/work nights?

Having friends round. Sometimes we eat, watch DVD’s, do spontaneous drawings, read the cards.


Favourite ways to spend the weekend?

First a long walk with my dog, Venus. Then lying in a hammock in the hot sun with friends or family popping round.


Sounds pretty good to me! 

Favourite party food and beverages?

Smoked salmon and champagne.


Favourite pizza topping?

Very boring I’m afraid. I always order a Marguerita.


Favourite movies and TV shows?

Top of my list is a really old one. Sister Act takes a lot of beating. I love films where someone does something courageous and special and wins through, especially if it is inspirational. So another oldie is Saving Grace. The Hundred Foot Journey has lots of message. I adored Avatar.

I do watch TV police dramas like Endeavour but prefer series like Cranford or Lark Rise to Candleford that unfold gently and you learn a great deal. Cesar Milan is wonderful! He has a great personality and I constantly find out what I have done wrong in training my dog.


Sister act is one of my all time faves too!

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

Ghosts are the spirits of those who have not passed properly. Yes I have seen many. There was an old lady in my house when I moved in. I used to see her peeping out of the window when I arrived home. She didn’t want to leave but some friends and I persuaded her it was time to pass over properly. She came back and thanked us.

We also had a spirit dog in my home for a while, a naughty Jack Russell, and he led my dog, Venus astray. Until I persuaded him to leave he constantly influenced Venus to escape from the garden. Once that spirit dog had returned to the light Venus never tried to escape again.


Have you ever had any other cool paranormal encounters?

I’ve met angels, and unicorns and dragons and Illumined masters. One of my favourites was when I walked with my daughter in the forest, pushing my three week old granddaughter in her pram. We turned a corner and there were fairies, elves, goblins, pixies and a whole array of elementals sitting on the bank waiting for us. They wanted to see the baby. My daughter agreed and the elementals formed a line and one by one jumped onto the pram and gave her a blessing. The little creatures were so excited because they rarely get to meet a human baby.

I haven’t had any scary paranormal encounters but I have heard angels and elementals singing my name, which was incredibly beautiful and healing.


That sounds incredible, I love the elementals. 

What do you think happens when we die?

It depends on your beliefs. Everyone goes through a life review but this may happen at different stages according to your levels of awareness. Those who have entrenched religious beliefs go to a place where they are given what they expect. This is to lessen the shock of finding out that there is a higher spiritual perspective. Those who have no beliefs are gradually opened up. Those who are very sick may go to spirit hospital for healing. Those who ascend are met by glorious Archangels and welcomed with joy. Everyone eventually returns to their home planet to be debriefed and prepared for the next stage of their soul journey.


Oh I resonate with that explanation so much!

Who do you think you were in a past life?

I have had many past lives as a warrior and can be quite martial. I have also had several as a nun. And my most important one was in Golden Atlantis as a High Priestess.


What time do you usually go to bed?

About 11.


Who’s your girl crush? Who are some women that you really admire?

I really admire Mother Amma, known as the hugging mother, who has dedicated her life to spiritual service. I stayed in her ashram many years ago and was impressed by her joy and lightness, despite the fact that she takes in so much of people’s karma.

I think J.K. Rowling is fantastic. She must have been so prepared before this incarnation to bring through such an amazing piece of work as Harry Potter. And I love the way she handles her wealth and fame with such common sense.

Then there is Aung San Suu Kyi who has undergone relentless imprisonment but always upheld her principles. Such courage.

Also Judy Dench who always gives her best. I once heard her say that she walks into the studio, a tall leggy blonde and comes out on the film as a short old pygmy. That seemed such a human statement.


How can people find you so that they can invite you to their parties too?


Thank you so much Diana for coming over! It was such an honour and a joy to have you, come back any time! :D

With so much love and light!