Girl Crush Pyjama Party with Ebonie Allard

DING DONG! OMG! Ebonie Allard is at the door! Eeeeeeep! :O

Ebonie is one of the coolest chics I know. She's an Entrepreneur Enabler, inspirational leader to the self proclaimed misfits, a kick ass coach and author of a brand new book Misfit to Maven. So go grab a slice of mushroom pizza and a glass of fizzy water and come hang out! 


OMG I'm so excited to have you here at my party, how excited are you?!

Er, SO excited – I bloody love sleepovers they’re my absolute fav!!


What kind of music are we going to have at the pyjama party?

I’m gurl crushing on Hemsley right now, but I love all sorts from Led Zeplin to Bieber – Let’s do that thing where we You Tube DJ and play one song each in turn and see which hilarious sing-along gems we uncover!?


I'm going to wear my Hello Kitty PJs, what pyjamas are you going to wear?

I’m just wearing an old beat up oversized band t-shirt and a pair of pyjama shorts – I love your Hello Kitty jim jams tho – they’re proper cuuuute!


What fun make up or beauty products are in your overnight bag?

I have 4 different black eyeliners, a YSL blusher with gorgeous sparkles, a new perfume I’m LOVING right now called ‘Red Always’ by Elizabeth Arden, it’s sooooo good!

I have such a random overnight bag – I’ve also got a nail file, a womens balance essential oil blend, bath bombs from Lush and my Arbonne night cream.


Who does your hair?

A lovely guy called Alex at a Salon in Brighton called Neon, before him I went to a gorgeous lady called Sarah – I sometimes do it myself – I change my hair up A LOT, I like to have it match my mood, so I have a team of patient specialist waiting in the wings for when I f*#k it up!


And what hairstyle would you have if you could have anything? (I'd totally have an 80's perm!)

I think I’ve had most colours and styles, OMG an 80’s perm would totally look amazing on you!!  I’d like it super long again, you know like a mermaid - but my hair is so thick it ends up taking me half an hour just to wash it!


Where do you get all those cute outfits you’re always wearing?

You know what, I recently got rid of nearly everything, so now I have a capsule wardrobe containing black, black and some more black. It’s so awesome – everything matches!!

I did keep a few interesting vintage dresses! I like to get bits at bootfair’s or off ebay. Really I’m still a bit of a goff at heart but like to let there be a splash of colour in my accessories and hair.


So like, how do you make money to pay for those cool pyjamas and all your awesome clothes and make up and stuff?

I wrote a book called ‘Misfit to Maven – from ARGH to AHHH’ and I have two sets of oracle cards; one set of wisdom cards with affirmations on them and one set of really good question cards to get you thinking – which people can buy on my website.  

I spend most of my time coaching misfit entrepreneurs to have lives as extraordinary as they are, that feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. I work with people one to one and I also have a signature intensive coaching programme called ‘Misfit to Maven in 80 Days’ where people can get a lot of coaching from me and learn from workbooks and swipefiles and be a part of an incredible community.


How did you get that job?

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. I used to make and sell greetings cards when I was at school – I’ve done all sorts since then, but for a long time I didn’t have the mindset or the tools to go with my creative mind.


What fun stuff do you like doing on school nights?

I often coach my clients on school nights or go to my favourite kundalini yoga class. I love to read a good book or hang out and watch movies with my friends.


How about on the weekend?

I like to go on mini adventures, near or far, alone or with a friend. Walks in the countryside or a roadtrip or I cook up a storm and feed everyone really tasty homemade grub!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be kind.

Honestly, I have pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted. I’m pretty proud of the balance of grown up and naive I actually am. As long as I keep playing everyday and am able to be kickass and kind, I’m happy!


I'm getting hungry, what's your favourite pyjama party food and beverages?

PIZZA and maybe wine, or fizzy water – I'm weird I LOVE sparkling water!


OMG Sparkling water is my life! Favourite pizza topping?

You know what I love everything! But I’m a huge fan of mushrooms, capers, extra cheese and a handful of rocket on the top. yep, I know – but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!


I'm so trying that! What movies and TV shows are we going to watch?

I love a good detective show, I’m a huge fan of the ones with a good characterful detective in them – Misdsomer Murders, Death in Paradise, Columbo, True Detective, Sherlock, Dexter – But if you’d rather go girlie I can always handle a good rom com.


How about some Murder She Wrote? Do you have a favourite teen movie?!

Pump up the Volume or The Lost Boys!! ooooh, can we watch them back to back?


YES! Sounds amazing... OMG what was that noise?! :O Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one?

I believe in spirit but I’m more of a ‘feeler’ than a seer. I often ‘feel’ spirits around. That said did see the ghost of a stagehand sweeping at central School of Speech and Drama when I was painting the stage floor late at night, before I had been told the story about him!!


Have you ever had any other cool paranormal encounters?

Yes. Well, I dunno – is knowing when someone is going to call or using ESP to find people and places paranormal?


Some people reading this probably think that's "normal"! What do you think happens when we die?

We go for an ‘exit interview’ and reflect on the soul contracts and the learning that we decided to make before we came into this human experience and decide what’s next. I believe that our souls have lived for many lifetimes and choose time and again to have a human / animal / earthly experience.


Who do you think you were in a past life?

Weird you should say that – I’ve just been thinking that I’d like to explore this more but until very recently I wasn’t sure it mattered, so haven’t ever thought much about it.


What time do you usually go to bed?

I like to be in bed about 10pm to read and close out the day before going to sleep by 11pm.


What should we do tomorrow?

Lets go for a walk in the countryside and watch nature waking up. I love being outside and noting the seasonal changes whilst getting a huge dose of fresh air!


Sounds fab! Now, who's your girl crush?!

I have SO many… Juliette Lewis, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani, Danielle La Porte, Alyson Hannigan, Frida Karlo, Marylin Monroe, Alanis Morrissette, Helen Mirren, Adele  – I could go and go… I crush easily and often!


Because you are so girl-crush-worthy probably lots of other girls and boys are going to want you at their pyjama parties too. How can they find you?!


It's been so much fun having you over Ebonie! Let's do it again soon! :D

Love and light!