How to read Reversed Tarot cards

How to read reversed tarot cards with Vix from New Age Hipster! x

Don't flip out over reversed Tarot cards! Reading reversals is as easy as gluten free vegan pumpkin pie. Let me share with you 5 super quick and awesome ways to turn your 78 card deck into a deck of 156! Oooh! 


1. Don't read reversals

One pretty simple way to read reversed cards is not to read reversed cards. If they come out reversed, just turn them upright. A lot of really awesome readers don't read reversals, and hey, if the idea doesn't float your boat, and your all upright readings are pretty rockin', don't rock the boat. Keep doing what you're doing and I'll catch up with you later.


2. read the opposite of the upright meaning

Now I read intuitively, so my upright meanings change quicker than I change my scrunchie, but if you have a bunch of key words that work for you, then just go for the opposite when you see it upside down. If the Sun means optimism, reversed it means pessimism. If the Four of Swords means take time out, reversed it may mean get off your butt. Get it?


3. Flow versus stuck

Sometimes I see reversed cards as a stuck or stagnant kind of energy. The Death card reversed is the perfect example of this. When you are refusing to let go and move on, the Death card reversed may come up. Ace of Wands reversed may suggest you need to be open to the opportunities coming your way, and the Ace of Cups, hello! Open up your heart to love! Yay!


4. Potentials

Whenever I see a reversed card I always think - hey it's reversed, but the card is still here. If you see the Lovers reversed it's not necessarily a sign that your love life is in total ruin. It could just be that you aren't realising the full potential of this situation! I think you can totally turn your cards upright by busting any blocks or limiting beliefs! Double YAY!


5. Shuffle again or see it as a challenge

Sometimes if I get like ALL reversed cards in a spread - even like a three card spread I'll throw them all back in and shuffle again. Depends how I'm feeling, or what's going on for my client. Sometimes you can work with a hand of reversed cards, sometimes you're just not in the mood, LOL! But then, all reversed cards can offer us a challenge if we're up for it. If you want to fast track clearing out your "stuff", then use those reversed cards to your advantage!


Check out the vid below for even more tips and tricks and chats about reading reversals!

Love, light and loads of flipping fun!