How to Deal with Intense Energies

Intense Energy Tips

It's no secret that there's a lot of intense energies flying around at the moment. We've had full moons, eclipses, ascensions, raptures oh yeah, and it's Mercury Retrograde.

There are so many things that cause intense energies; planets, solar flares, changes of seasons, energetic shifts, spiritual growth, just about anything and everything these days can cause us to feel so many types of weirdness and totally like - GAH! When will things go back to normal?

Seems like "normal" has hardly even existed this year! I think we've spent way more time wondering when "normal" will come back than we have been being "normal".

Maybe normal doesn't even exist any more?! Maybe we need a new normal

The higher vibe you get the more sensitive you get, and the more sensitive you get the more you notice all this stuff, and the more it affects you. But hey, we can't be flipping out over full moons and ripping out hair out every retrograde, so what we gonna do?! 

Here's some tips to help you out when these intense energies start getting the better of you. 


Notice the vibes

I don't just mean put the astro dates in your diary, although that can definitely help. I'm talking about noticing how you feel. When you feel blurrrg, try to figure out what "blurrrg" actually is. Say to yourself - I feel blurrrg... I feel weird, I feel gross, I feel floaty. Talking to yourself about how you feel and noticing what's going on can give you some clues as to what you can do about it. Feel floaty? Get grounded. Feel gross? Take a shower and clear your energy. Feel exhausted? Go to bed early. Your body is talking to you, so have a chat with it and see what it's trying to tell you


Hang with your tribe

Not everyone is going to know WTF you're on about when you start talking about planetary and energetic influences in your life. Your family might just roll their eyes. Your bf, gorgeous as he is might think you're acting pretty loopy. Our work mates might be OK with some chat about the full moon, and weird dreams, but are they really going to know what to say when you tell them you pulled all major arcanas again this morning and seriously, what's with the Death card coming up reversed?! 

If you have friends who get it, make the most of them when energies are intense, they are probably feeling exactly the same way. Invite them over for a movie and some toffee popcorn or just sit down for a tea and a chat

If you don't have friends who get it, you're not alone. It might be time to find your tribe online. Spiritual Journey Pitstop is the place to hang if you wanna make friends who get it, but there are loads of great places online. Most of my spiritual friends are people I've met online and some have even become real life friends too! Yay!


Ride the wave

Resisting challenges usually only makes things harder. When you're all tied up in knots thrashing about only makes them tighter. 

Try to go with it rather than against it. I know that's hard, but making the intention to get through it as best you can makes a huge difference in how this stuff affects you. Some days you're going to just want to cry, other days you'll be grumpy as heck, but know whatever happens is totally OK, you've got this, and that it's probably all just exactly what you need in order to up-level! 

Imagine if instead of letting babies cry because they were growing teeth we stopped their teeth growing?! Don't resist the growth! Don't ask the Universe for the growth to stop, just ask for some etheric Bonjella. 


Raise your vibe

OK so like, what's your favourite way to raise your vibe? Do some of it. 

Get in gratitude, blast some fun music, light candles, burn incense, dance, ask angels to dance with you, meditate, drink tea, read an inspiring book, talk to friends about all your ideas, make travel plans, make art, Pinterest manifest your life, get out in nature, buy yourself flowers, pull angel cardsbake cookies, and you know, whatever else works for you!  


Self care faves

Oh yeah, we're always banging on about self care these days, but does that mean we actually do it?! I'm the worst at this, especially because I'm always telling everyone else how important it is, but I am getting better, I swear! 

Self care isn't just about taking long bubble baths, although it totally can be if that's your jam. Self care is giving your body what it needs, giving your brain, spirit, emotions, giving all of you what it needs

Sometimes for me self care is just like doing a quick reading for myself before pulling the cards for other folk or switching off and reading a YA novel instead of high vibe spiritual books because my soul needs to chew on some other stuff. Sometimes self care is just about ordering pizza and watching a movie. Sometimes it's about having chipped nails for a whole week because painting your nails is kind of a big effort sometimes

Self care is about doing what you want to do, what you feel like you need and not feeling bad about it.

Fill your own cup when the energies are intense, then you can better help others who are struggling around you too! 


If you feel like you need some one on one love, support and guidance right now you know you can always come grab a reading too. 

So much love, light and high vibe hugs!