How to Find your Life Purpose

I've been doing a lot of Life Purpose readings lately for lovely souls who are struggling to find some direction in life. It feels like so many of us right now are walking the planet right now knowing we are supposed to be doing something really important but what is it?! Maybe it's a gen Y thing, but I kind of think it's because yeah, you do have a really awesome reason to be here, it's just that you don't know what it is... yet! 

I spent a really, really long time looking for my purpose, so I get it, and I thought I'd share with you here some of the things I've learned along the way...


You were totally given clues!

I think part of the journey is about working it all out. If they wanted us to know what our purpose was, we'd have known when we were kids right? But maybe we actually had a better idea of what we came here to do when we were kids.

What did you want to be when you were little? I wanted to be a pop star. You might look at what I'm doing now as being pretty far away from being a pop star, but actually, it's similar in many ways. I get to be creative, wear sparkly clothes, meet lots of new people, make videos that people all the world see on YouTube, and share my message with loads of people! Six year old Vix would be pretty happy with that I think! what did you want to be

Some other clues you can think about are the things you really like to do. What would you do all day for free if you could? Maybe you can't do that exact thing, but there may be a clue in there for you somewhere.


Your life purpose is way more broad than you think

I don't believe my life purpose is "to be a tarot reader". I do believe my life purpose in a super broad sense is to help others, be of service, be creative, be in joy and spread joy. I think most of us who are interested in finding out more about our life purpose came here with a desire to help in some way, to learn, grow, and experience life. On top of that we have extra things that are specifically for us. Travelling, writing, spiritual stuff like tarot, helping animals, being a healer, a teacher (of any kind!) or experiencing romantic love (OooOoooh!), or hey, maybe it's all of the above, I know mine is! 

Take some time to think or journal about what you think your life purpose is in a really, really broad sense. I could make mine as big and broad as being happy and making others happy. 

Whatever you do with that is up to you. I totally believe that how I make others happy is up to me. Right now I'm choosing to do it through New Age Hipster, but even though this idea may have been a divine intervention, I decided to make it happen. 


Your life purpose is not your job

Your life purpose is so much more than what you do to pay the rent. Yes, having a job that's in alignment with your purpose certainly is a good feeling, but so many of us on the planet right now just need to focus on paying our bills. That doesn't mean you can't be living your purpose. When I was teaching I was always cracking jokes, doing silly dances and trying to make my lessons as fun as possible. When I worked in a donut shop I used to crank Britney Spears songs out the back and teach my co workers the dances from the video clips in-between customers. Now I'm making people happy by doing quirky, fun and empowering readings for people and making videos of myself opening boxes. It's not about the job you do, it's how you do it. 

And then, when you get home, make time for some awesome creative projects, hobbies, learning, whatever it is that your soul longs for!


You don't find your life purpose you create it

Once you work out your super broad purpose is, what you do with it has more to do with you creating it, than finding it. It's taken me a really long time to realise this. I spent so many years wandering about waiting for my purpose to just turn up. I was the total stereotypical drama student waiting to be discovered. Stop waiting to be discovered by your purpose and go out and create it!

The thing is, when you tell the Universe what you think your life purpose is, usually you are right, and then the Universe, your Guides and Angels are like - "oh thank God she's worked it out" and they all start helping you on your way.

Sometimes you'll change course, and sometimes you'll change your mind, and that's totally fine too. Your purpose is fluid, not set in stone

What do you think your purpose is? What do you want your purpose to be? That's the ultimate clue!


If you're still stuck

Don't freak out. There are so many things you can do to help you get clearer on your purpose and start making steps towards it.

You can get a reading with me, or pull some cards of your own. Doreen Virtue has a fun deck called the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, or you can use whatever deck you've got. I did a life purpose reading with Crystal cards the other day and it was totally awesome!

Do some journalling and brainstorming. Take some time out to write about all the things you like doing and the things that are close to your heart. Write down jobs you could do, hobbies you want to take up, interests and classes to peruse and books you want to read. 


And finally...

Finding your life purpose is not the destination, it's just another part of the journey.

Remember that right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and if you haven't found your purpose yet, enjoy looking for it.

Some of the best days of my life were ones where I sat in coffee shops all over the world with my best friend, where we talked about how we had no idea what we wanted to do with our lives, and secretly, even though we've found our purposes now, we still have many more dreams and purposes still to come

 Love, light and big dreams,



PS - hit the video below for more rambling about this topic...