Intuitive Tarot - Tarot FAQs #1

Intuitive Tarot
Intuitive Tarot

I've been feeling pretty passionate lately about dispelling some of the tarot myths that are flying around out there so I thought I'd do a Tarot FAQ blog series! Yay! If you have any questions about Tarot and Tarot myths please pop over to Facebook and let me know, I might just do a blog post about it!

Tarot Readers, Card Readers, Fortune Tellers, Diviners, Intuitive Tarot, Psychic Tarot, Clairvoyant Tarot, Mediumistic Tarot?! There seems to be a pretty hot debate going on right now about the different labels we put on ourselves as tarot readers, and if we don't know what to call ourselves, how the hell are our clients supposed to know what to expect from us?

The way I see it is that Tarot cards are just a tool we use to give you the messages and answers you are seeking. Some of us are doing it in a 'psychic' way, while others are telling it to you by the book. There are Tarot Readers who are mediums, some who use cards to tap into past life issues, others who use the cards as a kind of Therapy. Some are using Tarot as a healing modality or to really help you understand who you are.  There are so many different ways you can use Tarot, oh - and then there are the card readers who don't even use Tarot - the Lenormand, Oracle and other types of card readers!

This is where people start thinking - WTF? I just wanted my cards read man!

<3 My Intuitive Vibe

Intuitive is the label I put on myself in the hopes that it will explain that I'm a little bit woo woo without having to use the word psychic, because I don't totally resonate with that word, although it is fun to use sometimes.

When I'm doing a reading I call on my guides and angels and ask them to pop over and chat with your guides and angels to get the information that is most useful and empowering to you at that time. I always visualise my ego hopping out and just being a clear channel. My readings are a cross between a Tarot Reading and a Channelled Message. I do get messages and things coming in without the cards, but the cards are like my WIFI to the heavens.

For me shuffling is like turning on the energetic WIFI! x
For me shuffling is like turning on the energetic WIFI! x

<3 An Intuitive Reading

So you know I'm connecting with guides and angels and all that woo woo, and then I start pulling cards. Usually I don't know what I'm going to do before I do it. I don't come at my readings with a plan. I just close my eyes and 'tune in' to your energy, trusting that whatever I feel like doing with the reading is the right thing. Usually I'll see the spread in my mind's eye, or hear a number - 6. That means I have to pull 6 cards! I'll often hear questions that I'm supposed to ask, what each position will mean before I turn it over and stuff like that. During this process I'll also get random thoughts and ideas and clairvoyantly see things. Then when I turn your cards over I'm not thinking about key meanings, I'm just kind of absorbing the feelings and energy I get about you and your situation from looking at the images. This is where the magic happens! I see stories, hear things, and sometimes I get to tap into your past lives, but I'm only ever allowed to see what your guides and angels show me.

<3 What other peeps are doing

People who don't read intuitively use a lot more logic when reading for you. They work out what spread they are doing beforehand. Maybe even tell you how many cards they are going to pull. Some readers even charge by the card because they know exactly what they are going to do and how long it's going to take. They have memorised a whole bunch of spreads, spread positions and card meanings. For me a one card reading can take two seconds or an hour. A ten card reading can take two minutes or all day!

<3 How do you learn to read Tarot Intuitively?

I started out with a couple of huge books and a deck of cards. I loved it so much, but nothing would ever stick in my head. One day I put the books down and focused on the cards. That was when I learned Tarot. For me Tarot isn't about learning key words and rules - it's about my connection with the Universe. Tarot is the thing that connects me to the Angels, the Ascended Masters, my guides, passed over loved ones, God, the Fairies, and anyone else who is with me from the light. The images are like prompts, doorways or nudges helping me use my intuition to help you see what's going on.

Some people have this idea that intuitive readers don't study or read books or practice, and that couldn't be further from the truth. I have loads of tarot books! I know that other people's ideas and experience with Tarot can help me with my Tarot journey too, but for intuitive readers - our own personal interpretation and connection with our cards comes first, before any Tarot book. I love trying out other people's spreads and considering the meanings they associate with the cards, but I would never read a tarot book thinking 'this is how to read tarot', rather I come at it thinking 'this is what this person thinks about tarot'. How you read Tarot is how you read Tarot! I think we all read tarot intuitively on some level, whether it's a free flow thing like what I do, or just knowing which of the key words to draw on in a reading.

How do these cards from the Cosmic Tarot make you feel? x
How do these cards from the Cosmic Tarot make you feel? x

<3 How to find out the vibe of a reader

Most readers should have somewhere on their website or business cards some information about how they do their readings. 'Intuitive' usually suggests someone a little bit like me - they aren't just looking at cards and giving you meanings, they are also working from a kind of spiritual perspective. You can just ask a reader how they read their cards, if they don't want to tell you, or can't tell you for some reason, I think that would be kind of weird and I'd probably find a reader who seems to know what they're talking about - even if it's not the way I do it myself. In fact, it's kind of cool to get readings from other readers who do things differently!

<3 Intuitive verses... uh, Unintuitive?

A lot of Tarot Readers like to get into lively discussions about the best or 'right' way to read Tarot but I don't think there is a right or wrong way. I think whatever works for you as a reader and/or for you as a client is what's right. You may want to email or call your reader before you book to see if you like their vibe. Check out their website and social media to see if you dig it. If you are thinking about getting an email reading, read some of their blog posts to see if you resonate with their writing style. Look at their Instagram for a fun way to get an insight into who they are and what they are about!

<3 Things to watch out for

The number one thing a Tarot Reader should be doing is helping people. Any reader who scares you or is mean to you in any way is not cool. We are here to be of service! Some readers will get you to pay for a short reading and say something creepy to you that makes you freak out. They will then tell you to have a longer reading, or buy a hex remover or whatever from them. It's a scam so don't even go there. There are Tarot Reading email scams out there too so be sensible. Only ever get a reading from someone you like the energy of and if you do make a mistake and find yourself in a weird situation with a reader who seems unethical or creepy you can contact someone who works with the light and ask them for help and advice.

A Tarot reader should make you feel comfortable, safe, supported, guided and empowered, however they are doing it.

If you have any questions about Intuitive Tarot, or about Tarot generally for the Tarot FAQ Blog Series head over to Facebook and let me know!

Love, light and good Tarot vibes!